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Day 10

This is how my table looks right now.
It has schedules, teacher manuals, books, an empty milk jug and a lot more. By the time we all sit down for supper, this mess will be gone. Another thing I'm implementing this year is "PUT YOUR THINGS AWAY!!!"
Our table look like this right now because around 2:00p.m. we all are just plum tuckered out and too lazy to pick-up our stuff. After quiet time the children will finish and put their books away and I'll do the same.

This is how our table looked this morning during our Latin lesson.
Oh, what happy children I have!
Right before I snapped this picture, Brent picked up his little organize thing that came in the mail yesterday. He saved six Kellog points and redeemed them over a month ago. It took so long to get here that we forgot about it. He can save addresses, set an alarm and do a few other things on there.

On our 10th day of school Josh and I had a 10:30 orthodontist appointment. Our school day was inturupted. Here is what we/I did;
Had Bible time.
Latin session with four older kiddos
Went over a few things with some of the children.
Josh and I went to our appt.
Grandpa took Lance to the park {just the two of them}
Mailed a package.
Had lunch.
Read a chapter of Outdoor Secrets to Ethan and Lance about the Century-Plant.
Song School Latin with Ethan and Lance.
Josh has the hives, so I him take a bath {twice}, let him take a short nap on my bed and he completed a few subjects.
Annette, Caleb and Brent, did their independent work.

That's about it!

10 days down, 170 days to go!

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