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Day 11

Woke a little late today, so the children studied AWANA verses for Bible. I was ready for our Latin class though.

Joshua, is feeling much better. I didn't get to bed until 12:40 a.m. The only thing that really helped with the itching was a wet, cool towel. I wrapped his feet in one and he said it felt much better. I also brought him a small bowl of ice for him to suck on too. I think he had hives in his mouth and it was swollen a bit (can one get hives in his mouth?). The ice felt good and took away the pain.
Since Josh was so miserable with those itching hives, I let him sleep in the living room were it was cooler and listen to an audio book. Our dvd player which plays cds does not automatically turn off and I don't like leaving it on all night. Anyway, about 12:30 I checked to see if Josh was asleep so I could turn the dvd player off. He looked and sounded like he was resting but just to make sure I waited 10 more minutes before I turned the dvd player off and turned in for the night. I was soooo tired.

Sessions for today{most take 30 min.}:

Latin with the four older children.
PAL/Reading with Lance.
PAL/Writing with Lance.
Writing with Ease 1 with Lance.
Writing with Ease 1 with Ethan.
Shurley Grammar with Caleb and Brent-this took 40 minutes. Need to stop after 30 but it's hard.
Delightful Reading with Ethan.
Quick Spelling Dictation with Caleb and Brent-about 10 minutes.
Sequential Spelling with Josh-about 10 minutes.
Hideaways in History with the four younger children.
Systematic Math with  Josh-about 15 minutes

What I didn't get to:
Song School Latin with Ethan and Lance-we did practice our words informally while passing each other in the hall or if they came into the kitchen I'd ask, "What does Salve mean?"

Writing with Ease or Easy Classical with Caleb and Brent.

Analytical Grammar with Annette, we are suppose to correct her work together.

Ethan, completed another lesson of Delightful Reading. Below he is building a word.
 I dictated a sentence and had him find the words. He also copied the sentence into his notebook. This is the same notebook where he writes his new words.
 Some samples from Handwriting Without Tears. He has about 10 more pages left. I might have him use New American Cursive Book 1 next but not sure yet.

 Ethan, took a picture of his Writing with Ease copywork. He put 'mom' on top because I wrote down his narration. He wrote 'Ethan' on the bottom where he copied his narration.
 Ethan, still needs to complete math and spelling. I had hoped to have him start Simply Spelling this week but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe tomorrow. For science today, I had him draw a picture of a Century-Plant. It's not finished yet, so hopefully tomorrow it will be ready to post.
 Above is a page from Song School Latin. On the left is Lance's work and on the right is Ethan's.

Below, Ethan, took a picture of his shadow.

Today we started PAL/Reading. I took the cd-rom to FedEx Office and had them copy and bind Lance's workbook with his picture. I thought it would be more exciting for him to have his face on the front cover of the workbook.
 Lance, learned two new words today. Yellow and Green. We went over the 'ee' and 'ow' sound and placed the stickers on his Phonetic Farm. He then played The Palette game.
 He also started Writing with Ease level 1 today as well. PAL/Writing has narration stories for the first ten lessons only. After that you're on your own, which is nice for me because I can add Writing with Ease. I wasn't sure how I was going to fit WWE in so it worked out.
The first sentence is what Lance, remembered from the passage I read. Under his narration is his copywork. I wrote it to model it for him and he copied. After he copied the sentence I gave him some tips. I showed him with my model how the letters for a word are closer. He wrote 'pi' but didn't have enough room and put the 'p' on the next line, so I let him know that next time pay attention to see if the word will fit. If it looks like it won't, then start the word on the next page.

Brent, completing cursive using Classically Cursive Book 2.
 Caleb, also finishing a Classically Cursive lesson.
 History was completed outside.
I read from Let's Hideaway in History.

 Annette, working on America the Beautiful.
 The children, making English Muffin pizzas. My shot didn't come out so great. Brent blinked and Annette, looked up right as I snapped.
Well that's all folks!

11 days down, 169 days to go!

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