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Day 12

Today my schedule was a bit thrown off. I had to add two grammar sessions in. One with Josh and another with Annette. My day didn't go as planned, but that was okay.
I had Bible time with the four younger ones. Then the four older children and I had our Latin studies. We did this outside on the front porch because the weather was so nice. We played a few homemade games to get those Latin words memorized.

 I then had a 30 minute Grammar session with Josh. We corrected his work together. After Josh, I sat with Annette. She took her spelling test and missed half the words. They were hard this week. She had words like; immaculate, individual, interrupt and intuition. Needless to say, she was discouraged. I let her know that some of the words were hard for even me. She is going to study them and hopefully be able to spell at least 5 out of the 9 she missed. I also went over one of her grammar pages.

Once done with Josh and Annette, I called Ethan, to the hot seat for a Delightful Reading lesson.

 After his reading lesson it was lunch! I sat outside so the kiddos could play in a puddle out front.
Lance, is panning for gold, Brent found some nice little rocks and Ethan, had his little plastic boat in the water.

Ethan, in front of his Auntie's house. She asked him to watch the house for her, so he sat there until she came home. I do believe he didn't budge for almost two hours. He ate his lunch, read a book, studied his Delightful Reading words and drew a picture.
 He so funny, I'm guessing he stepped on his chalk picture to make a footprint.

We finally finished week one of Hideaways in History. We didn't get to make the 'hideway' though and I know the children would have loved it. Below are the notebook pages that Lance, Brent and Caleb completed. Ethan, was outside guarding his Aunties house, so he didn't join us for history.
 I had the children draw a day of their life. Instead of using words they used pictures like the ancient people did.
Caleb, drew himself making lunch. He is putting a pan of little pizzas in the oven.
 Lance, drew himself in front of the house looking at flowers. We don't have flowers in our front yard, so they must be the pretty weeds.
 Brent, drew about a trip to the library.

Here is something we didn't complete. Ethan's narration of the Century Plant. Not everything goes as planned.
After I read the story of the Century-Plant from Outdoor Secrets, Ethan and Lance, were suppose to draw and write a little about it.
As you can see from Ethan's page above, it's only partially complete. At least he drew the plant. Maybe tomorrow I'll have him tell me something about the plant. I'll see if he remembers the story three days later.

For science Annette, Caleb and Brent, colored and labled a spider (Brent didn't label his). They also have to make a web out of yarn.


A few other things we didn't get to were PAL/Reading and Writing, Math for a Living Education and Shurley English.

12 days down, 168 days to go!

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