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Day 14

Lance impressed me today with learning his AWANA verse. This morning I didn't have Bible time with the children. Instead they were to study their AWANA verse(s). Lance, found his book, took the cd out of the pocket in the back, popped it into the computer, found the correct track, said the verse with the cd and kept repeating the track/verse.
Some times because he is the youngest, I think he can't do certain things. Time and time again, he shows me! He is a very bright child. For instance today, he said, "Mom I know what yesterday means. It means, backwards, from last night." He was telling me it means the day before but using his the word that made most sense to him "backwards".

Today, was "Meet with the Teacher" day =) I sat with each of the 4 older students and went over their lesson planner. I changed a few things. Instead of handing out tickets during school time I'll paperclip them in their planner. By dinner time I would like all their planners turned in {hopefully all subjects will have a 'completed' check mark} so I can check to see that they completed all their work.

By the children turning in their lesson planner it will also keep me accountable to check and correct their work. Which will help on Sunday evening when I am making the schedules. I think by me doing this daily, I can also work on the upcoming weeks schedule and cut down on the time it takes me Sunday. Because right now I'm not getting to bed until almost midnight or later.

During Caleb and Brent's meeting I gave them their schedule. It looks something like this.
8:00 Bible
8:30 Latin
9:00 Penmanship
9:10 Math
10:00  Break
10:15 Spelling Dictation {Simply Spelling}
10:30 MCP Phonics
11:00 Study Time, which means to look at their Lesson Planner, see what still needs to be done and finish or if it's a 'Copywork' day, this time can be used to copy their passage. Once their passage is copied they can study Latin, AWANA, do an art lesson, go outside and climb the rope, help a younger sibling with a verse. Basically Study Time is to do something productive. Not sit around doing nothing or listening to an audio book (normally I don't mind but I have to put some limits on this favorite past time}.
11:30 Writing with mom
12:00 lunch
1:00 Shurley Grammar with mom
1:30 History or science with mom
2:00-4:00 quiet time now they can listen to an audio book or do anything that is not loud {color, read, sleep, etc.}

I told Caleb and Brent, that they are not to be a slave to the schedule, it's more of a guideline. I think having the schedule will keep them more focused to complete their work in a timely manner.

Same with my schedule. I know I'm not always going to be 'on time' to do the the next thing but I can try! If I'm not it doesn't mean that the day is ruined.

Last week some of the children made spiderwebs using glitter glue. Yesterday, Ethan added to his.
 He made an outline of a red spider and added lots of eyes!

Today, during our meetings, I gave Annette, Caleb and Brent their nature notebooks. I told them at least once a week I want them to observe God's creation. Find a leaf, tree, bug or animal and draw or take a picture of it for their notebook.
Caleb, found a squirrel peeking out of it's home.
I'll print this for them and they can tape it into their notebook and write a little about it.

With Caleb and Brent, I finally started Easy Classical Writing. We read the two paragraphs but only outlined one. It took a while. Tomorrow they will make sentences from the words they chose for each sentence. The goal is to have a nice summary by the end of the week. We'll see!

Josh and I are getting use to Bob Jones. Last night I put a binder together for him, tabbed it and put everything neatly behind the correct tab. Hopefully no more loose papers. Tonight I'm going to correct all his work. No more putting this off for me. Bob Jones Distance Learning course is keeping me accountable as well.

With Joshua's lesson planner, I am not filling out the whole weeks worth of assignments. This way if he is struggling with something I can add that to the next days assignment instead and he won't feel like he is behind.

One more thing about Joshua school, next week he will start Analytical Grammar. I am going to have him put Bob Jones Grammar aside. Have him complete the first 11 weeks, then continue with Bob Jones. Maybe over the summer he can finish Analytical Grammar.

14 Days down, 166 days to go!!!

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