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Day 15

I'm going to have to make this a short to the point post. I'm in a hurry to get some things done and am running out of time.

Another great day but boy and I tuckered. I did take a blogging friends advice {thanks Dee} and am adding a protein snack in the mid morning. I made a delicious Chicken Salad with lots of grapes, cranberries, pecans, almonds and of course chicken. I would eat it over a bed of spinach but I don't have any.

I started the morning off with Bible. Lance really likes Bible time. He loves learning new things about the Lord. Caleb and Brent, write in their Tracking Your Walk a verse, prayer or thought. Lance, draws a picture about what we read and Ethan, copies a verse.
 Lance, made a picture of God's glory. You can't really see it.
 After Bible, I had a Latin session first with the four older kids and another with the two younger.
 Lance, completed a page in his Song School Latin book. I didn't realize at the time but he was misspelling Salve. He wrote sale. I'm glad he doesn't mind the writing and his writing is improving. At first I thought he was going to have to do this all orally {which would be fine but I'm happy he is writing in the book}. Again, he is surprising his mama!
 Ethan's page. They both have learning Latin.
 Lance, highlighting the 'er' sound. He completed lesson 3 of PAL/Reading.
 Here he is playing "Letter Parking Lot" he parks the vowels in their parking spot, same with the consonant and the letter 'Y' gets VIP parking.
 Going over the the sounds he has been introduced to. {er, ck, ee, ow}
 His new words for today was 'this, is, a'. We made strips that say 'this is a stove or this is a sink' and taped them the sink or stove. I made one that said 'This is Lance'.
Ethan, working on a Delightful Reading lesson.
 We played around with the words below. First he would build the word, take the first letter or blend away and say the sound that was left. He then built new words.
 Josh, working on his Systematic Math. This is one of his favorite subjects and he really enjoys his math teacher ;)
 Annette's birthday was last Friday {more to come about her B-day} Her Auntie V. bought her a cake just for her. She has been sick and saved her cake. Today she finally ate some of it. She let me have a slice too!
 Annette's spiderweb. Friday, she had her sewing class, Saturday she was sick, Sunday was her birthday party, Monday we were really busy, so today she was finally able to finish it.
14 days down, 165 to go!!!

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