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Day 16 and a Birthday!

My Lance, impressed me with how neat he made his letters today.
 I dictated all the letter sounds to him. He has almost all the letter sounds memorized now. The letters that he hasn't memorized are l, r, y and v. The letter stories have really helped him with learning the letter sounds.
 Today, when dictating the letters, I did mention the stories with some but as time goes on I'll dictate without them.
Below Lance, is coloring the bear brown and the bird blue. His two new words that he learned 'blue' and 'brown'. I also introduced the 'ow' and 'ue' sounds. We placed the stickers in the appropriate places in the Phonetic Farm.

 Lance, also completed his second week of Writing With Ease 1. Below is his narration. After I read the passage I'll ask what is one thing he remembered from it.
 Since Lance, is still learning to form letters and had a hard time last week with copying the passage from Writing with Ease, I am skipping the copywork. Instead of going over the grammar that would have been discussed from the WWE copywork we are using the narration. PAL/Writing schedules in a story and narration but we are to choose the stories. This is why I added in Writing with Ease. I use the stories from WWE. Some days I have him give me a narration Susan Wise Bauer style and other days I'll have him give a narration the way PAL/Writing instructs. PAL/Writing has me draw out the character, setting, plot etc. to prepare for outlining toward the end of the program. I like both styles of narrating. I believe they both have their purpose and hope to continue to combine PAL/Writing and Writing with Ease.

Annette, took her school work outside. It was a pretty day.

It was my dad's birthday today, so we interrupted our regular schedule to wish him a happy birthday.
I purchased him a cup that looks like a cup that one would receive at a coffee shop when ordering a hot beverage {like a mocha}.
From all of us we gave him a coffee maker that fits the cup.
Annette decorated the grocery bag. I think it came out pretty.
Lance, gave him a hat but Grandpa's head was a wee bit big.
Ethan, gave him one of his favorite stuffed animals. The children don't have a lot of stuffed animals so the ones they do have are pretty special. I thought it was nice of Ethan, to give his moose away.
Caleb, Annette and Josh made him a card.

That was our 16th day of school!

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