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Day 3

Warning: This is a long post. You might want to get a cup of coffee or tea at this time.

We completed day 3 and it went pretty well. We are still not doing every subject. I like adding more subjects through the week and hopefully by the end of September we will be in full swing.

I started with a good breakfast. I made an egg and cheese sandwhich, had a cup of juice and coffee.
I actually woke late at 7:30 a.m. I was determind not to get upset and off-set my whole day (like I would have in the past). I told the children that I'm going to 'go with the flow'.  This is something I've been working on.

With Joshua, I am having him do math daily but with his Bob Jones schedule he is completing two days in four days (Monday was a holiday). This week he is listening to all the orientations and getting his feet wet as they say. Below Joshua is completing his history lesson.

Caleb and Brent did more than I expected. On their own they did, penmanship, math, copywork, art and MCP Plaid Phonics workbook.
With me they did Grammar and Writing with Ease. I still need to print out their writing program. The writing program has 181 pages, so I am going to take this to FedEx Office and have them print and bind the pages or three hole punch them. I'm not sure which route to go.
With Caleb and Brent the only subjects we didn't get to were science and history and spelling dictation. I need to print the spelling sheets out as well.

Annette, did most of her subjects too! She completed on her own math, Bible, penmanship, copywork, history and WinterPromise Language Arts. The only subject she didn't complete was science and that's because we don't have the books yet. We also do not have the dvds for Analytical Grammar. As soon as they come in she will use it for 12 weeks.
She was really frustrated on her first day with WP-LA (winterpromise language arts) because the grammar portion was hard. I probably should have purchased the 5th grade LA program for her. The 6th grade one, from what I can tell, looks as if the program expects the child to know grammar. It's no longer explaining or teaching it. But I do believe that once she completes the first 12 weeks of Analytical Grammar she will do better with  WP-LA.
I also told Annette, that WP-LA is a grade level or so ahead of some other programs. At least to me it is. The first grade LA (the reading/phonics portion) is, so I'm figuring the rest are too (so don't quote me on that, it's just my opinion). I also told Annette, that I will correct her WP-LA with her and go over what she has missed. I don't care if she misses half the problems because we will correct them together. I am here to HELP HER. I had to stress the "HELP HER" because Annette, gets very upset when she doesn't know the answer. I have to tell her over and over that she is learning, we'll get through this together. I don't expect her to know it all.

I was so happy to school my Ethan and Lance today. Tuesday and Wednesday they did Time4Learning for math and phonics but today, I got to teach them.

Ethan, completed a Delightful Reading lesson. We continued where we left of in August,three weeks ago.
He completed lesson 3 and started 4. He is working on The Dogs and the Fox an Aesope Fable. Pg.60.
I introduced all the words for this lesson, had him find them in his pile of tiles, he then wrote them using the tiles. Since our 30 minute session was not up yet, we started making words with 'finding'. I had him write the word using tiles, asked him what sound do you hear if we take the 'f' away. I then had him put other letters in front of the 'inding' sound to make new words.
He then wrote them in his notebook.
Ethan, hasn't started his Teaching Textbook {TT} math yet. Right now he's been doing Time4Learning. Maybe next week I'll get hom started with TT.

With Lance, I was able to fit in Writing and Math. This weekend on our date Lupe and I are going to stop at FedEx Office and print out Lance's 108pg. workbook for PAL/Reading, so we can start that next week.
Today, his writing consisted of making the letters o, a and c. Yay, he already new the sounds.

He practiced the letter sound with feeding Mugs some letter bones.

In math he continued to learn about place value.
I have to mention that the past weeks Lance has learned to count to 100! Three weeks ago we were working on counting to 20. Then we stopped schooling because my kiddos where coming home from CA and my MIL was coming with them. Once she left I was sick for a week. While lying in bed sick, my Lance came to my bedroom and started counting past 20. He went to 40. A few days later Lupe, informed me that Lance, counted all the way to 100.
THEN, today we were practicing skip-counting by 10s, guess what!?! After I said, "Here is 10, ten more makes 20". He continued and said, "30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100".
Writing his numbers.
 Lance, skip-counting by 10s with unifix cubes.
I don't like bloggers video option because it takes forever and 99% of the time the video doesn't show up. Maybe I should get a You Tube account instead.
This year I splurged and purchased a $20.00 timer.
This has been so helpful. I set it, press start and when the light turns red my 30 minute session with a child is up. Normally, I wouldn't spend $20.00 on a timer but the past three years I have spent so much on timers only to have them break a few months into the year. I have tried cooking timers, little hand held timers, just all kinds of timers. Hopefully this one will last.

I almost forgot to write that we did Latin together. We practiced saying words. It was fun. Bible we will do later today. We usually do Bible first but today we pushed it up, with me waking late and all. When we don't do Bible in the morning, I still like to start the day with prayer.



  1. Wow! A full day, glad to hear you got through it. I'm curious: what kind of timer is that. I keep using my oven timer but yours looks neat : )

  2. Annette! :) I have to tell the kids the same thing. They are learning...that is the whole idea!

    Yes, that is an interesting timer...does it light up?

  3. Great job on handwriting, Ethan! Your letters are so nice and straight! Great job on doing your math and learning your skip counting so quickly, Lance!

    Great job, mama!


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