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Day 5

It was hard to get up this morning. My hubby and I stayed up late. He was researching tents because he and the boys are going backpacking next month with other Alert Cadet members. I'll have to report back what tent he found.

As for school we did a lot today!!! I'm so thankful to Jesus that our back to school days are going pretty smoothly.

Here are some of the children doing some morning chores before school.

I had Bible time with C, B, E and L. Annette, is studying the book of Romans, she does this on her own and Josh, watched his Bible study via dvds using Bob Jones (BJ).

Then Latin with the older four kiddos {J, A, C and B}. Ethan, finished his Bible copywork and Lance played.

Once done with Latin, I summoned Lance to the 'hot' seat for PAL/Writing. This consisted of practicing the sounds and writing the letters for l, i and k. He had trouble writing the 'k'. I read a story and had him narrate it back using some prompts. Once we were done with all the 'work' stuff, he asked if he could feed Mugs his bones. As he feeds him he has to say the sound of the letter. This game is actually part of PAL/Reading.
I was going to complete a math lesson with him but didn't after all. He did a Time4Learning lesson and it covered the same thing that was going to be covered in his math book.

Ethan, did another Delightful Reading lesson.
He completed a Writing with Ease lesson. I let him pick which sentence to copy. He decided to copy both.
 Here is my Ethan, copying his Bible verse. Can you tell he hadn't brushed that cute hair of his yet.

Both Caleb and Brent completed all by themselves, MCP Phonics, math, copywork, and cursive. With me they completed Shurley Grammar and Writing With Ease.
Here you can see how happy they are singing some of the jingles from Shurley Grammar.

 Below, Lance playing at the 'Playground' during our lunch time. Once he finishes a lesson he is allowed to play games for 10minutes. Of course one of the other kiddos like to help him out. This time it's Brent.

I still need to check Annette's work.
Joshua, has completed his science, math, Bible and copywork. He still needs to finish history.
Next week, I'll add Sequential Spelling and my own writing for him. I think Grammar/Writing via BJ will be added next week. I need to double check his schedule to make sure.

Here are some of my helps. I have our two timers. I actually use the mini one more, but today it ran out of batteries, so I had to use the bigger one. A note about the mini timer, when it goes off it's not very loud. If I am in the kitchen and the mini timer is in the living room I won't hear it when it goes off.
This bell is a live saver to me when gathering all the children for a read aloud, Latin or if I just need to inform the all about something.
Four years ago when we lived in a much bigger house. I would call the children. If they were up stairs they couldn't hear me. My solution was to purchase a bell. I told the children when they hear the bell, it means to stop what they are doing and come see mama! It has worked great. We no longer live in a large house but I still use it daily. It helps if the children are outside, all I have to do is ring the bell and they come running inside. Love the bell.

This year I started something new. For each subject completed, I give a ticket. Once they have 100 tickets they will get a special surprise. I'm not sure what it will be yet.
In order to receive a ticket they have to complete the subject AND put anything related to that subject away {dvds, cds, workbook etc}. I thought the tickets would be a great motivator for the children to put away their school books and I think small rewards like earning an Ice Cream Sundae or a Root Beer Float is a good thing!

5 days down, 175 day to go!

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