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Day 6

We all woke at 7:00 a.m. and started promptly at 8:00 with Bible and prayer.

We then did Latin. The four older children and I. We did the quiz today but did it all together. We have memorized many of the Latin words but not all the grammar. I'm not sure if we are suppose to move on or memorize all the grammar as well. If we didn't do the quiz together not many of us would have passed it. Annette, probably is the only one who would have. I think she would have missed only the last three questions.

Once Latin was over I did PAL/Writing with Lance. I'm really enjoying this and so is he. Today, we practiced writing the letters from past days and I introduced the new letter 'b'.

 I read Little Red Riding Hood, had him narrate the story back to me. Then came game time! He loves playing games. He played Mugs and a match the letter game.
While Lance and I were wrapping-up his lesson, Josh was making a shake for us. We all enjoyed a little break. Ethan, is missing because he went with Auntie to the store.
When Ethan arrived home I called him to the hot seat. He completed another Delightful Reading lesson.

 On one of my many potty breaks, Ethan, snuck in a picture of his work. He posed his pencil by putting it on his notebook juuust right.
Still haven't started math back up with Ethan. The computer is constantly being used by his older siblings. I need to figure this out.
Josh, looks so interested in his math lesson =)
 Caleb, completing a Math-U-See lesson.
 Annette, watching her Math-U-See lesson.
 Reading America the Beautiful. The chapters are pretty long and are meant to be read daily along with, map work, timeline and a five questions to be answered. Plus it's scheduled five days a week. To me that's a lot. If the reading is five pages, then I'll break the work up to last two days but we are trying to at least finish four lessons a week. Lupe, would like her to use Bob Jones DVDs next year, so we don't have two years to finish this course as we had first planned.
 Lance, eating a pear. He is wearing the Jester hat he made earlier. He still has some left over pages from his I Can Cut, Paste, etc. books.
 Lance, completing a Time4Learning phonics lesson.

Yesterday I asked Brent what his favorite subjects were. I was surprised when he mentioned grammar! His favorites, math, grammar and Latin. I'm sure history would be included but we only started today. I read the introduction page from Let's Hideaway in History and Encyclopedia of World History.

6 days down, 174 days left!

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