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Day 7

Another busy but great day! I will admit, by 11:00 a.m. I was starting to get a bit cranky. My egg and cheese breakfast sandwich was long gone, the dishwasher was running and about that time Lance's voice started sounding high pitched and irritating. I know that sounds mean to say about my little guy and I'm not saying I disliked it but with all the other noises and hearing 'mom, mom, mom' from more than three children.............well, you get the picture. I was ready for some thing to eat and at least 5 minutes of quiet. Of course it didn't happen, so instead I said a silent pray to Jesus asking for the strength not to raise my voice. Thank you Jesus for helping me.
Oh, and one more thing that I would like to add, this is life here at Homeschooling6. With 6 children home all day life gets loud and hectic at times and when I write about it, I'm not meaning it in a negative way. I write about it to let you all know that we are normal. We are loud. Mom gets tired. The children have high, squeaky voices. I stepped on something mushy. We don't wear shoes. We laugh, cry and have fun together =)

I did accomplish to get almost all my schooling sessions in. Each session usually last 30 minutes. Here is what I did:
Bible with Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance. Caleb, Brent and Ethan copied the verse and Lance drew a picture.

Latin Primer A with Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent.

Song School Latin with Ethan and Lance.

PAL/Writing with Lance

Writing with Ease with Ethan

Delightful Reading with Ethan

Shurley Grammar with Caleb and Brent (40 minutes)

Hideaways in History with Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance.

I also had a few 10 minute sessions to correct a childs work.

Here is a picture of my Lance. He was not too happy. I forgot who he was mad at. I was going to sigh and say, "Just forget it, go to your room" but I stopped myself and stayed calm. Instead I started his lesson with a nice, sweet voice.
 Either my nice, sweet voice changed his attitude or it was our fun writing program, PAL/Writing.
 {This is a real smile. It was not staged. I repeat, it's a real, genuine smile}
Lance, practiced his letters. If you look closely, you can see two small dots toward the bottom of the page. Those are teardrops.
 Two new letters were introduced today. The letter 'r' and 'e'. Making the 'e' was fun. We added teeth and a little face.
Ethan, working on his penmanship. He is so motivated to earn tickets, that he completed 10 pages today.
 Ethan, says he loves school. I think he is telling the truth {at least likes it a lot}. When I asked him to pick a sentence to copy {Writing with Ease gives two, to choose from} he copied both!

 The below photo is Ethan's 'staged' picture of his notebook he uses during our Delightful Reading lesson.
Ethan, also completed a Time4Learning math lesson {still haven't started TT yet}.

Below Brent, is singing the noun jingle from Shurley Grammar.
I teach Caleb and Brent together. The jingles are a big hit. They walk around the house singing them. At least the noun jingle. So far that's the jingle that is most catchy!
Our Shurley English lesson took about 40 minutes today. I think to shorten it, I am going to review only two jingles and rotate them.

Lance and Ethan's Latin workbooks.
 Below the books I read for history. Using Hideaways in History from WinterPromise.

Annette and Josh, did school today too, but I didn't get any pictures. I need to figure out a way to include them on my blog. They do most of their work on their own, so I'm not taking pictures of workbook pages and so forth. I'll try to do better.
My next post will be a little bit about WinterPromise Languag Arts 6.

7 days down, 173 days to go!!!

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