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Day 9

Whew, what a day. I ate a good breakfast but I still got a bit grumpy around 11:30. I'm trying.

Lots of sessions today:
PAL/Writing with Lance
Living Math with Lance
Shurley Grammar with Caleb and Brent
Writing with Ease with Caleb and Brent
Writing with Ease with Ethan
Delightful Reading with Ethan
Science with Annette, Caleb and Brent
Latin with Annette, Caleb, Brent and Josh
Bible with Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance

Also had 10 minute sessions with all the children through the morning. These meeting consisted of correcting papers, going over something a child didn't understand, and going over schedules.

Now for the fun stuff, pictures!

Annette's map work.

Josh and I, are slowly getting use to Bob Jones. It seems so easy when all you have to do is just go to the next lesson. Not sure if we're making it harder then it has to be or what. Josh has finished all but English. Some-how he missed two lessons last week, so I scheduled them for today.
My Josh was waiting patiently for us to leave the house for church yesterday. Too bad his eyes were closed. He looks so handsome.

Annette, finished all her school work, so no homework for her. She is doing well with finishing all her assignments this year {must be the tickets}. Update on WinterPromise LA-6; she is going to put only the Grammar workbook away for LA-6 but continue with the writing, literature and spelling/vocabulary.

Caleb and Brent are doing well. They enjoy Shurley Grammar. Below they are copying their weekly passage from Simply Spelling. They also copy three passages a week from Copywork for Little Boys. From Writing with Ease, they also copy their narration. I'm pleased to write that we are finally getting copywork and dictation in. Starting tomorrow {hopefully} with Writing with History:Early Modern Times and this will teach outlining IEW style.
Brent, is still whizzing through Math-U-See Gamma. Today I had him watch two lessons and complete two test. He scored 90% and 100%. I figured he'd go through this pretty fast since he does know his multiplications. He'll probably hit a wall when double digit multiplication problems are introduced. When using Teaching Textbook, the double digit mult. were the only problems he would miss. This is why I am having him do Math-U-See for now. Once he gets more practice, he'll continue with TT 3x a week {praying that I find the dvds soon}.

Ethan, copying a passage from Writing with Ease 1. I haven't started Simply Spelling yet, but hope to soon. He does copy a verse almost daily during Bible time.
I'm thankful Ethan likes school. He looks forward to his copywork.
 I must have left for a potty break, because Ethan, snuck in another picture of his work from Delightful Reading. The words below are from another lesson.

Lance was late for school today. He missed Bible time. Ethan took this picture.
Lance, did so well with writing his letters. I was so proud of him. Because I was so excited, he would write his letter and sit back waiting for me to see and clap my hands with excitement.

 In math, Lance is finally starting addition!!! He can count to 100 now with no problem. He did say he can count pass that. Here is how he counted pass 100, "98, 99, 100, 200, 300..."

 Here Lance, is adding 3 'gems' + 3 gems. Since we didn't have another three he put down a 1 and a 2.

During our lunch break, Josh made Oatmeal. He thought it was picture perfect!
The placemat I purchased for five cents. My sis-in-law took me to Allen Community Outreach {or something close to that} which opens twice a month. They sell things for .25 but the day we went happened to be the day when they were getting rid of everything. I purchased at least 20 placemats and tons of books for less then $3.00.

9 days down, 171 days to go!

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  1. wow! You are super mom :) Looks like you have been very busy homeschooling and seems to flow so naturally.

    What are you using for Living Math?

    Many Blessings, Tamara


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