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Getting School Done

I'm having an amazing first three weeks of school. I can't believe all I have been accomplishing with the children. Everything just seems to be falling into place. Not to say that there are no hectic or stressful times here at Homeschooling6.

To think I was so scared about starting this year. I wanted summer to end because of the heat but didn't want it to either because that meant school would start. Here we are in our 3rd week of school and I'm having a blast.

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised because I have a God who cares about me and heard my cries. I also had family and friends at church praying for me and my homeschooling, online friends. I know there are a few of you out there who kept me in prayer, knowing how intimidated I was with teaching my precious children this year. I do want to say thank you to all my family, friends and online friends. You are all amazing and wonderful prayer warriors.

Last school year was good but I didn't feel like I were getting enough done. Especially with the younger children. I always felt rushed and a little on the grumpy side. I know that it was because I;
  1. I kept saying I would get up at 7:00 a.m. but never did. I was waking up at 8:00 or 8:30
  2. Not eating breakfast because I woke late. I was waking late, taking my shower late
  3. Checking my emails before or during school hours
  4. Searching the internet during school hours
You'd think with all the organizing and filing last summer that I would have been on top of things but because of waking late, feeling rushed and not eating breakfast, checking emails or searching the Internet I wouldn't get all the subjects that I wanted to teach done. Then I would be discouraged and upset.

It all boiled down  with me NOT being disciplined.

This year with the help of my husband, I now wake at 7:00 a.m., jump in the shower, eat breakfast, dress, make my coffee all before 8:00 a.m.

I no longer make and drink my coffee in front of the computer. I now drink my coffee while teaching Bible to my four younger children.

I no longer sit in front of the computer in the morning checking my emails or reading homeschool forums. I do check my emails but only to see if I sold anything and this usually takes 2 minutes and I do this standing up NOT sitting.

My attitude has changed. I was making homeschooling more of a chore rather then seeing it as a blessing. I know I'm blessed to school my children but I was taking the the joy and fun out of it. There was so much I wanted to accomplish but felt there was no time.
So this year I'm looking through a different lense. I started Latin, I purchased a Picture Study Portfolio and I have some Classical Music lined up (sort of on the last one). Here is my new and improved attitude; if we get only 2 picture studies done this year, that is two more than last year. Same with Latin, if we only finish half the course, that half more than last year {we'll continue next year}. If Ethan and Lance only finish a fourth of their Song School Latin, that's a fourth more then the previous year but at least we started.

With all our studies I'm taking this new attitude with me. For instance with Writing With Ease 2 that I'm using with Caleb and Brent, we are on week 12. I started this over the summer and we have slowly been working through it, now we are almost half way through. If I would have had my 'old' {it's too much} attitude we would not have 12 weeks worth of Writing with Ease under our belts (as they say).

So, yes I'm really excited about this year.

One more thing about my 'new and improved' attitude, if things didn't fall into place (like the day I did wake late at 7:30) I'm not going to let it affect me in a negative way. I'm going with the flow. For instance, the day I woke up late. Instead of getting upset because I wasn't going to be on time for school and instead of feeling rushed, I explained to the children that I need to make breakfast for dad and therefore won't be able to jump in the shower and get ready until 8:00. They would have to start school without me.
I had the four younger ones practice AWANA verses instead and told Annette she was in charge of the Latin lesson for that day. By 9:00 I was ready to jump right in and start teaching.

Well, there you have it, my secret as to how I'm accomplishing school with my children. I hope this post is encouraging and speaks to the heart.
Please remember that this blog is a very small peek into Homeschooling6.


  1. Love this. It is so true! I'm trying to take a similar approach this year (although I've been sleeping in A LOT, but I have the 2yo and many sleepless nights, so we're all kind of out of sync right now). I drew up a schedule, but just use it to keep me on track. If we are 2 hours late from the schedule, I ignore the time column and just stick with the order. If I need to switch things up on that day, I do. But it is nice to have a framework to work within. Most of all, I'm trying to just have fun teaching my kids.

  2. AMEN! Thank you for this encouraging post! I do need to be a little more disciplined and appreciate your shared pieces of your heart.


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