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Joshua's 2011/2012 Curricula

I thought I'd start with the oldest and work my way down. Joshua, is an 8th grader this year. Can't believe my baby will start high school next year.

Here is what Josh will use this year.
Edited to add that we have one week left of school and Joshua stuck with all except Spanish and Analytical Grammar.
Bob Jones Distance Learning via DVD for all subjects except math.

For math he will use Systematic Math starting with level 6. and 6.2.
What I like about this math program is it states on the website that level 6 can be used with grades 6, 7 and 8. There is nothing flashy about it. No little characters. Just a math teacher teaching math in front of a chalkboard and for Josh, that's a good thing. He occasionally will use Teaching Textbook 6 as well.

Art-I Can Do All Things. Hopefully he will finish this in a year. It's meant to be used over a course of three years but since Josh is older I think he can finish it sooner.
Latin Primer A
He will also start Spanish. This was included in his Bob Jones package. He wants to know Spanish so next year when he visits his grandparents in CA and they have a yard-sale he can communicate with the customers.We ended up saving Spanish for another year.
I am trying to add some copywork as well at least twice a week. I'll use selections from Queen Homeschool. I would also like to work on outlining with Josh.
I plan to add in a few things this year like:

and with the dvds
Grammar, was a hit and miss this year. I started Josh with Bob Jones, but it was too much, then AG and finally settled for R&S to finish out the year.

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