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Loving WinterPromise Language Arts

I was just gifted WinterPromise Language Arts 4 and LOVE the workbooks. I haven't seen a grammar program that looks so fun. In the series of 4 workbooks the child is solving grammar mysteries. The program explains grammar concepts so well and in a fun way. My boys would love solving the mysteries.
I would really like to combine this with Shurley. The only problem is the set of workbooks cost $48.00 each. I would need two of them. I think they are worth every penny but I will have to wait and see if we can purchase them later.

I already promised Annette the set of workbooks. She has completed six pages and is enjoying the mysteries.

I purchased WP LA-6 for Annette. The 6th grade LA has an alien theme. Annette, likes it as well but she is having trouble with the grammar. I was happy when offered the LA-4. What Annette and I decided to do is have her speed through the level 4 grammar workbooks, then come back to the 6th level. In the 4th level, she will skip the writing and spelling assignments and continue with the 6th grade level for those subjects.

I'm happy that I decided to take the plunge and order WinterPromise's LA program. In the past I didn't care for the workbooks the company used. Now that they have revamped the program and added in the fun themes it looks more enjoyable.

I'll have to write more about the writing aspect of the program next but right now I need to get dinner on the table.


  1. Just looked at the sample pages at Winterpromise. It looks really fun! I would have her do the short writing assignments as well--as the ones I saw were descrpitive paragraphs and you can never get too much practice on those! Some of the exercises reminded me of Wordsmith Apprentice.

    Thanks for sharing! It looks like you are having wonderful school days!


  2. My twins used the WinterPromis LA workbook when they were in 4th grade. They loved the mysteries and they looked forward to doing the work everyday. Three years later and they still talk about that workbook.

    I am so glad you are able to use it this year. I often suggest it to people, but WinterPromise doesn't seem to be too popular with most.


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