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Nature Studies for the Month of September

This is my 9th year of homeschooling and we FINALLY started a nature study. It's something that I've wanted to do for years but it never happened.

I didn't purchase any really neat nature journals. I'm using what we have at home. I found some left over "Creative Math" notebooks from last school year. Maybe next year I can invest in something nicer but for now these will do.

I would like to purchase book specifically about Texas trees, flowers and animal, so if you all have a suggestion please let me know. The children have found a really nice mushroom, some flowers, leaves and such but we don't know what the names are. I wasn't taught all this fun stuff in school. It's not like the old days when students learned how to identify plants, trees etc. I have an older friend who can identify many plants because she was taught back in the days.

I'm so happy the children are excited about their nature journals. Below, Caleb found the mushroom growing in the hollow of a tree we have in the backyard. He found it two days ago and has been watching it, taking pictures daily and measuring it. Annette, sketched it as well.

 Every year these flowers bloom. The same three in the same spot. I pointed them out to Caleb and he took a picture.
 Ethan, found this plant (I think it's some kind of fern) behind the back house.
 He took a close up picture.
 Annette, found this one and sketched it and rubbed it (what is it called when you put the plant under the paper and rub the pencil on top of the paper to get the image?)
 Ethan, doesn't have a nature journal yet but he is Nature Boy. He asked to take my camera to take pictures of nature. I told him he can only take three pictures otherwise he'd use up all the memory in the camera. I think giving him a limit of three photos helps with narrowing down what is most important for him. If I don't he takes too many pictures.
Picture 1
 Here is his 2nd picture.
 And the 3rd.

With Ethan and Lance I also read A Desert Scrapbook. We are only half way through the book. Hopefully over the weekend I can finish it.
 The children have been checking out lots of animal books.
 Okay, I know The Shattering isn't part of our nature study but it had an owl and I was recording what Annette, checked out from the library that day.

We also watched and read about a little Polar Bear by the name of Knut.


  1. You're doing a great job Linda! Maybe you can make a nature photo journal/scrapbook for Ethan. Have you looked at the Book of Nature Study by Comstock (it's free on line to read); great resource for you. I also just started reading Karen Andreola's Pocket Full of Pinecones. It is broken down into the four seasons. After each chapter she includes the scientific names of the things they studied. Really sweet reading. I wish I had a good suggestion for a Texas field guide : ( Enjoy your Nature Studies!!

  2. Great job Linda! Have you looked at the Book of Nature Study by Comstock (free online reading); it's a great resource. I wish I had a good Texas field guide to recommend but google searches are always wonderful too! Enjoy your Nature Studies : D

  3. I enjoyed reading your post. Nature study is such fun--I also really liked the book Pocket Full of Pinecones.


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