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Two Weeks

Two weeks and loving:
PAL/Writing and Reading {actually haven't started the reading because I am waiting for the printed book but have started some of the reading games. The writing portion is a hit}

WinterPromise LA-6
WinterPromise LA-4 {only using the grammar portion on this one}
WinterPromise HIH {just started but am liking it already. Won't be making the big hideaways though as we have a small house.}

Delightful Reading {I have been using this for 4 weeks and will use it for 4 more weeks and then start WinterPromise LA-1. He has had lots of phonics but just needs a boost}

Math-U-See Gamma, Delta and Epsilon {why did I ever switch}
Systematics Math {this is the first math program that Joshua likes. It's no frills or distractions}
Math Lessons for a Living Education {Lance, loves this}

Analytical Grammar with the dvds

Latin Primer A {using this with my four older dc and they all love it!}

Writing with Ease 1, 2 and 3 {using 1 with Ethan, 2 with Caleb and Brent and 3 with Josh and Annette. Lance will start WWE1 in a few weeks}

I am happy to report that our first two weeks of school has been great!!!! To think I was scared to start school this year.

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  1. Linda, awesome news! I'm so happy for you that you are liking everything this year. I know the feeling. I'm considering MUS as a supplement to what Josh is doing this year. I'm starting to collect them slowly. ;)


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