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Week 1 {Day 4}

Week 1-Day 4
Sept. 6th-9th, 2011

We completed our first week of school and it went really well. Praise the Lord!
If you like to read Day 1-3 please scroll down.

I woke on time today {barely}. We were all ready to go by 8:00 this morning.

I had Bible time with Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance. I read from the book Leading Little Ones to God. Today's discussion was how we can't see God.  The glory of God is so bright.
I also read a little about Columbia's street children. How many of the children as young as Lance, don't have a home to feel safe.
Caleb and Brent, wrote who they could pray for in their Tracking Your Walk notebook. Ethan, copied a verse and Lance, drew a picture of God' glory.

All four older children and I practiced our Latin and completed 1 worksheet page.

Here is a picture of Josh, sitting at the 'new' desk we purchased at the Community Outreach store.
Joshua, completed two days of Bob Jones Distance Learning {Bible, science, history and grammar}. He also did 4 lessons of Systematic Math.

Annette, found a favorite spot to do her work.
 She completed Math-U-See lesson two. She is doing two pages a day. Again, like the others, we are trying to figure out where she is in the book (Epsilon)
Annette, is completing two pages of penmanship as well. I would like her to get this out of the way, so it will be one less subject for her. I also would like her to start writing in cursive more.
This year for language arts, Annette is using WinterPromise 6.
This consist of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, writing and reading a chapter a day. Her current read is Children of the Longhouse, but it's on back order. Right now she is reading lots of library books.
Today, Annette, took her spelling test and scored 100%. She was telling me that some of the words she has to put down on paper in order to spell the word . Other words she sees over and over in the books that she reads. She said because she sees these words in different books, she has them embedded in her memory and can spell them easy out loud as well as on paper. I love listening to how Annette's brain works.
I took this opportunity to let Annette, know that this is an area where she needs to own her education. If there is a word she 'can't' see in her memory and can only spell it when writing, that she needs to practice those words more. This is something that she needs to schedule and do on her own. Not only with spelling but other subjects as well.

Brent, practicing his Latin words on the computer.
Brent, took test 8 in math, using Math-U-See. Right now I'm having him watch the lesson then take the test. If he passes we'll move to the next lesson. If he doesn't we will stop and complete the lesson.
Brent, completed two copywork passages from Queen Homeschool, 4 grammar lessons + a grammar test, 4 art lesson, 3 penmanship pages and 1 Writing With Ease lesson.

Caleb, completed the same as Brent, but his Math was Delta. Caleb, is also taking only the test until he hits a wall. He knows most of his division problems but needs practice with some of the long division.

I was ready to teach Ethan, using Delightful Reading.
 Had his stuff ready as well.
 But Ethan, wasn't feeling well. He went with his Grandpa Joe this morning to run a few errands. Upon arriving home he had a tummy ache. He seems to be getting car sick in Grandpa's van.
Yesterday, Grandpa took him to Wendy's and bought him a Chili. When he got home he threw it up. Tomorrow I hope to get his lesson in. He did so well yesterday.

Lance, is doing so well with his numbers. Today, he had to write the number that comes before a certain number as well as after. I thought he might get stumped with the before but he did fine.

 He also completed lesson two of PAL/Writing.

I also read a picture book to him.
That was our 1st week in review.


  1. Looks like a great first week! I hope you have an awesome school year!

  2. Sorry that your little one is not feeling well. I hope he feels better soon. What a nice week overall!

  3. Sounds like a pretty good first week! I like hte Headventure Land shot. We use that too with our Latin. DD #2 seems to really enjoy the computer games. Blessings.

  4. Linda, what a great week you guys all had! It looks like your year has started off on the right foot. I don't know how you do it with 6, and I drown with two. LOL!

    Hope your little one feels better soon...

  5. I hope Ethan is feeling better.

    My daughter knows cursive but I need to figure out a way to get her writing in it more consistently also. She still seems to think printing is easier.

    Looks like your children accomplished a lot this week. Great job everyone.