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Week 2/Day 8

Week 2. Sept. 12th-16th, 2011.

I'm happy to report we did Latin five days this week with Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent. We are still on chapter 2. Lance and Ethan, did 1 day of Latin. Yay, it's a start.
A picture of the children singing a Latin song. They made up a little routine with the conjugate chant in chapter 1:amo, amas, amat, amamus, amatis and amant.

Hideaways in History
We completed two days. I really wanted us to finish the week but it didn't happen. Today I did read half of 'You Wouldn't want to be a Sumerian Slave!' to the children.

Joshua 8th Grade:
Josh, reading his science book.

Systematic Math-completed four lessons. On Friday he corrected missed problems. Josh said, he loves his math teacher.
Bob Jones Distance Learning, he completed science, grammar, history and Bible. The first week Joshua, said that the DVDs were boring. This week, now that he is digging deeper into the subjects he said they are more exciting. He is also taking notes and he mentioned that helps him pay more attention to the teacher.
Copywork for Boys-completed three lessons.
A picture of a Red Fire Ant in Joshua's science book. For the next five weeks he has to collect 50 bugs and write where he found it, its scientific name as well as its common name, he then has to mount them on foam.

Annette, 6th Grade:
My sweet girl.

Analytical Grammar-completed her first chapter and took the test today. She scored a B+.
WinterPromise LA-4 and 6. She completed 9 pages from the LA-4 grammar book {she is really likes solving mysteries}, she completed the writing assignments for LA-6 and passed her spelling test.
Classically Cursive-completed 8pgs.
Writing with Ease-didn't complete this week.
Math-U-See Epsilon-completed chapter 3, passed her end of chapter test and started chapter 4.
America the Beautiful-completed 4 chapters this week. Some of the chapters are long so I split the reading into two days. Every chapter she completes the workbook pages, timeline, map and some times Thinking Biblically. Since she also has a Bible study program and AWANA, I don't always have her do the Thinking Biblically questions.
A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie {science}-it's in the mail.Hopefully we can start tomorrow.
Foundations in Romans-Annette likes this Bible study by Simply Charlotte Mason. She has to determine the main idea, examine the words and summarize what she reads.

Some pictures of her work.
Eating Cream of Wheat for lunch.
Below is how Annette, checks of her WP LA. The readers are not in yet, so she hasn't been able to complete the literature part (although she reads a ton). I didn't show the whole week because of copyrights.
 Analytical Grammar.
 To mark a proper noun, Annette is suppose to label it like this -----PN---- the line before and after the PN are called wings. As you can see in the picture below, Annette goes above and beyond with making the wings.

Caleb Grade 5:
Completing a Math-U-See lesson

Shurley Grammar-completed chapter-2 lessons 1-4. We didn't get to the fifth lesson. Thursday we missed grammar.
Writing with Ease; completed week 11. We started this during the summer and have been slowly working our way through it.
MCP Plaid Phonics-completed pgs. 78-82
Simply Spelling- we call this spelling dictation. Caleb, copied the same passage Tue.,Wed. and Thur. and I dictated it to him on Friday. Through the week he would study the words. He missed the word 'about', so he will practice that word next week. To keep the words filed in his long term memory, every four weeks I plan to choose a previous passage and dictate it to him. Hopefully this will keep him on his toes with spelling.
Copywork for Little Boys-copied four lesson or passages.
Math-U-See Delta-Caleb, completed two chapters 15 and 16. Caleb, knows how to divide, but I wanted him to start with Delta because last year he had trouble with some long division. He is zipping through the chapters but it has been good because we found he needed review with finding the area of a trapezoid.
Hideaways in History: read above
A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie-still waiting for it in the mail.
Bible-he journaled in his Tracking Your Walk, I read four stories from Leading Little Ones to God and he studies his AWANA verses and I have him copy verses as well.
Logic Safari-completed 1pg. We do this on Friday.
He likes to draw pictures while he works.

Brent 4th Grade:

I school Caleb and Brent together, so their days are almost identical. Brent completed Shurley English, Writing with Ease, Simply Spelling, Copywork for Little Boys, Logic, Hideaways in History, A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie and MCP Plaid Phonics pgs. 84-89. Other than the phonics pages it's all the same as Caleb's above.
Math-Math-U-See Gamma-right now Brent is watching the lesson and completing the test, so he completed four chapters this week and passed all the test.
Below are pictures of Brent's work.
Caleb, Brent and I do the Logic lesson together.

 MCP Plaid Phonics. He missed #8 but we went over it later.
 Spelling dictation {Simply Spelling}

Ethan 3rd Grade:
This picture was taken yesterday. I really needed a Diet Dr. Pepper. I pour 75% of it over ice in my glass, I then offer one of the children the rest. This time it was Ethan.

Delightful Reading-completed pages 60-66. This week I finally put a piece of magnet on the back of the letters and words. This makes it so much easier for Ethan to spell the words.
Today, I had him put the last three lessons of words in order. I dictated the title and sentences. He then had to find the correct words and put them in order.
Here he is spelling the words. With the magnets it saves time because he is not searching anymore for the letters. He just pulls them down. We are using the small magnetic white board because our nice one that I purchased from Peace Hill Press for Joshua many moons ago is lost in Storage Land.
After we were done with spelling the new words, I had time to review previous words. As I review I do add some phonics by reminding him of vowel pairs and such that he learned last year.
I needed a new eraser and found the cute bee. I think it was a little over $3.00 at Mardel's.
Ethan also completed math via Time4Learning. He was going to start Teaching Textbooks again, but when I was cleaning a week before school started I misplaced the disc.
Writing with Ease, he completed week 4.
For Bible I read from Leading Little Ones to God and he copied a suggested Bible verse from Easy Classical's schedule and studies his AWANA verse.

Lance 1st Grade:

PAL/Writing-completed lessons 3, 4, 5 and 6. This consist of practicing his letters, listening to a story and narrating it back to me. Today he took a spelling test and passed with flying colors.
Lance, loves all the letter stories. They really help him with remembering the sounds. Some of them are hard, for instance the letter 'g' is called the Draggy-leg letter.
He also completed three lessons from his Living Math Book and did one lesson a week using Time4Learning.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like quite a busy week! You accomplished a lot.

  2. Wow! What a productive week :) I love how everyone is around the table working.

  3. Wow! You are doing great keeping all your little ducks in a row! I need to go check out some more of your resources - I am very interested in your review of Nature with Aunt Bessie! :)

  4. You go girl! Great mom, great teacher! The kids are doing so well! I'm really interested in that WP Language Arts program, so I'm looking forward to more reviews and more pictures. I'm always looking for ways to make grammar and writing fun and not dull and boring!

    Have a great weekend and rest!

  5. Oh, I want to look up that Romans Bible Study and the Copywork for Little Boys. They sound like great resources.

    LOL. I love cream of wheat. I'd eat that for lunch every day if I could. :-)

  6. I also am using PAL with my K'er, but we are going slow, breaking the lessons up and only doing about 2 lessons from the reading and 2 from the writing each week.

    What is the Living Math Book you are using with your 1st grader?


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