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Week 3

Week 3. Sept. 19th-23rd, 2011.

For this Week in Review, I am highlighting what the children together. Latin, Bible, Science and History.

We completed another week of Latin. I'm so excited that we are sticking to this.
I made some homemade flashcards. I wrote a Latin word on one card and what it means in English on another.

This morning for Bible, Lance, made himself comfortable. I took a picture from behind, so you all can see the fluffy pillow.
 Lance, uses his own Bible. Grandma Phyllis gave it to the children over 7yrs. ago.

We actually did science this week. Aunt Bessie, taught us about spiders {A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie}.

Here the children are drawing some spiders.

I was surprised that Annette, really took an interest with drawing spiders. She did say that at first she wasn't too thrilled but once she got started it interested her.
Brent's drawing.

The children made spider webs with glitter glue.

Brent, working on his web. Josh, in the back looking for a snack.

Ethan, joined in on the fun {he has a different science program}

Annette, will make her web later today. She went to her sewing class today.

Ethan and Lance, did science too!
We started A Desert Scrapbook this morning.
Earlier this week we read about the Century-Plant.
Lance, drew a picture of the plant. I was suppose to have him narrate the story back to me but I didn't.
Ethan's picture. Again, he was suppose to narrate the story or at least tell me a few things about the plant, but time ran out. Maybe this weekend.

Well, that is what we all did together. Now, I'll post some pics of the younger kiddos finishing up this weeks lesson.
 I'm excited to write that Lance, completed his second lesson using PAL/Reading.
 He had to color the corn yellow and the leaves and stems green. The dirt was already black. His new word for today was 'black'. He had to underline the 'ck' in black and the 'ow' in yellow and 'ee' in green.
 Oh, look how excited he is making the letter 'w' with his fingers.
Lance, also completed PAL/Writing.

Ethan, using unifix cubes to learn about regrouping.
 Josh and his siblings love a good cup of hot chocolate when schooling.

Well, that's are our week. Sorry, I didn't write too much about the older children this week. Quiet time is over and I need to get supper started.

3 weeks down, 31 weeks to go!!!


  1. Those are great-looking spiders. IF such a thing can actually be said. :-)

  2. The spiders look so cool! I love the latin cards. I do this with index cards as well. We end up playing matching games. It's so much fun! You guys look like you are really enjoying this school year! You are making me want to pull out my English For the Roots Up and just take the plunge...:)


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