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We are in week 6 of our school year and I still haven't found my Teaching Textbook Cds. I'm so mad at myself for miss placing them. I have looked everywhere. The last time I remember seeing them was when I cleared off the small bookshelf in the kitchen. I took off everything from the top shelf and put it in the living room cabinet. I was going to put the TT cds back when the year started.

Now for the life of me I can't find them. I have looked and looked and looked some more. I'm hoping I didn't accidentally pack them by not noticing if they were in between some books. This summer I packed so many books away.

Right now Ethan, is using Time4Learning math. If the cds don't show up I'll continue with T4L and that will be his math for the year. I still have the TT workbook but the whole idea of using TT was for the cds. He had his own online tutor and I had the automatic grading system. Again as awful as it seems, I don't have time to fit in another teaching session, so T4L it is.
I do sit with him at times though and go over something he doesn't understand. If he scores below 80% I have him take that lesson over again. I also print of a worksheet when available after a lesson.

Maybe by January (when he would have been done with TT3) I can purchase the next level of TT and hopefully I'll find the cds to use with Lance, next year.

Brent, who was going to use TT is now using Math-U-See. I was going to have him use both but since I can't find the TT cds I'll have him continue using Math-U-See for the remainder of the year. Like with Ethan, maybe he can continue with TT later when I can order the next grade up.

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