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Annette School

A few tweaks with Annette's curriculum. As I have written before, we backed up with her grammar. She stopped using WinterPromise Language Art 6, the grammar portion only. She still continues to use it for creative writing, spelling, reading etc.

I have her taking an 11 week Analytical Grammar course and she is using WinterPromise's level 4 grammar workbooks. She finished WP grammar workbooks B and C and will start D Monday.

With Analytical Grammar she is on Unit 6, so she is more than half way through. Maybe by mid December she will complete the first part of Analytical Grammar and continue with Winterpromise's grammar 6.

The other tweaking we are doing is spelling. Alien Spelling Attack is one tough spelling program. Annette, is becoming quite frustrated with it. The words are long and hard. Annette, was telling me today that the words used are not ones she would normally use. Not saying this is a bad thing but she rarely sees the words. We are going to go back to Soaring with Spelling and put Alien Spelling Attack away. I don't think she will pick-up Alien Attack again.

Other than that she is really enjoying WinterPromise Language Arts. I probably should have picked level 5 instead of 6. 

She does enjoy the writing assignments, the workbook First Contact and the grammar. Some of her First Contact workbook lessons are Improving Word Usage where she has to make use of transition or signal words. This is teaching her to not over use words like 'and, then, and then, like) instead she is to use transition words that are provided. Transition words can also signal how a writer moves from one idea to another.

She also has missions. These are paragraphs that need correcting. Some may have too many of the same words or the paragraph may not have the correct punctuations. Other times she has to rewrite it but make it more interesting.

There are also writing assignments. An example from week 7. She has to engineer a paragraph with an outline. WinterPromise gives her ideas. Since we are using the LA art package that came with American Crossing 1 readers, she will pick from that category. She will start by making an outline of facts for a short essay. She needs to come up with a topic sentence for each paragraph.

Next week she will continue from the outline and finish with 3-5 paragraphs.

We haven't tweaked any of her other subjects (yet), so-far-so good.

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