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Another School Day

I lost count of our school days. I need to backtrack and figure out what day we are on. Today, was busy. I tried to get all out subjects in and to stay on track.

Here is what I did:

  • PAL/Reading with Lance, we reviewed words today, played a few games and read some sentences. We didn't do an actual lesson because I think he needs more time with what he has learned so far.
  • Writing With Ease with Annette, she read the passage, dictated it to me and copied her narration.
  • Writing With Ease with Ethan, I read the passage and he told me the one thing he remembered.
  • Writing With Ease with Caleb and Brent, I read the passage and Brent summarized it. I wrote it on the board and they both copied into their notebooks.
  • Latin, with the four older children. We are trying to remember everything but there is a lot.
  • Bible with the four younger children. I read a story and then they practiced their AWANA verses. With Ethan, I wrote his AWANA verse on index cards. He put the verse in order, then I would have him close his eyes so I could take one away. We did this until all the cards were taken away.
  • Shurley English with Caleb and Brent. It was test day. We do this together. I have them analyze and mark the sentences, then we go over it together. Then we go to the next excersise and so forth.
  • All About Spelling with Lance. He completed Step 3.
  • All About Spelling with Ehan, I think he completed Step 6
  • All About Spelling with Caleb and Brent, they completed step 22. This Friday I'll purchase Level 2.
Things I haven't done yet:
  • Science with the four younger children
  • Hideaways in History with the 4 younger children
  • Math with Lance (he might have to use Time4Learning)
  • Song School Latin with Lance and Ethan
If I can only fit those sessions in....................

Here is a look at Joshua's schedule for the week. He and I are trying so hard to stay on track with this. It's a good thing because we need the discipline but sometimes it's hard.
Joshua, doing Bible.
 Annette, completing WinterPromise spelling.
 This is what my table looked like when I started blogging (it's quiet time right now)
 Grandpa took Ethan and Lance to the park today. Of course my Nature Boy had his pockets full.

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  1. I can't believe how big they have grown, makes me want to cry... I remember babies!! lol Time sure has passed us by.

    So glad you had such a wonderful birthday, you deserve it!!



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