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Day 20

I kept Lance for about an hour today with a 10 minute break in between. Sometimes if I let him go I don't get him back. During this hour Lance, completed a PAL/Writing, PAL/Reading and a math lesson.
Lance, doing simple addition using the gems.

 Then practiced place value using the unifix cubes and our Place Value Houses.
 After a little break of cookies and running outside he came back for his reading and writing class.
Lance, wasn't too sure if the word was red.
 He reviewed and added to the Phonetic Farm.
 We made a vowel reminder ladder. We taped this to his bedroom door. It's someplace where he will see it often and we can go over the vowel sounds. His door is close to the kitchen, very convenient.

I found Brent, comfy in his bed working on his MCP Phonics.

 Both Brent and Caleb completed Writing With Ease, Shurley Grammar and we did a trial run with All About Spelling. Below is the narration that Brent dictated to me. Because I'm teaching Caleb and Brent together I alternate who narrates the passage to me. I then write it on the board and both copy it into their notebook.
Today, I did a trial run with All About Spelling to see if I can fit this in. I'm still not sure if it's going to work or not. What I did was set the timer for 15 minutes and in that time we were able to complete a lesson. I did this after their Shurley Grammar session, so it did make for a longer period but it's the only way I am able to fit it in. Thankfully I have great kids who don't complain {thank you Jesus}.

What I did with All About Spelling is; reviewed the 26 letters. There were a few vowels that they didn't know all the sounds, so I stuck those in the 'review' section. I did skip ahead to lesson 16 but before I did this I gave them a 'spelling' test to see if they new the words up to that lesson. I think we will be okay, considering they used Phonics Road for a little over a year.

Josh, practicing his math facts using Math Rider.

We also did Latin and Bible and the children did their independent work as well.
Ethan, went with Grandpa Joe to lunch and Sam's. My dad treated him to a kids meal at Burger King.

The day is beautiful, it's hard keeping the children in during the day but they do take little breaks and I encourage them to go out side at that time. After nap they are free to play too.

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