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Day 21

I think we may have to start school at 8:30. I've been waking up at 7:00 but because I fix myself a hot breakfast after I shower I'm not getting to 'class' until 8:15-8:20. I'm still going to try to be ready by 8:00 though.

Today was a busy one. I taught:

All About Spelling-Ethan
All About Spelling-Lance
All About Spelling-Caleb and Brent
Delightful Reading-Ethan
Writing With Ease-Ethan
Writing With Ease-Annette
Shurley English-Caleb and Brent
Bible-Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance
Latin-Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent
History-Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance

No wonder I'm so ready for quiet time. My poor kiddos, right at 2:00 I announce NAP TIME!

What I didn't get to:

Writing with Ease-Lance
Writing With Ease-Caleb and Brent
Song School Latin-Lance and Ethan
Living Math-Lance

Now for pictures. First I'll show some of Annette's work. A page from Analytical Grammar.
 Annette, completed book B and started book c yesterday.
 She is really enjoying WinterPromise LA.
 Annette, copied her narration.

Today I started All About Spelling with Ethan and Lance. With Ethan, we completed two lessons. He wanted to do a third lesson but we had other work to do.

I am not combining Ethan and Lance, because I know with Lance, he may need to stay on a lesson longer than Ethan.

Instead of coloring or using stickers to put on the letters they already know, we used the Dot Paint.
 As you can see, Ethan, needs to work with the letters that make more than one sound. We put those letters to be reviewed.
 The second lesson, Ethan had to segment letters. I would say a word {to} and Ethan, would pull down the circle game piece for each sound. We did some words with two and some with three sounds.

 After Ethan, Lance was in the hot seat.
 Lance's results. He knew the first sounds for a, c, e, g, i, s, o and u but he couldn't mark them yet. Once he learns all the sounds that the letters make, then he can mark them off.
Ethan, putting his tiles in order from Delightful Reading.
I'm not sure how many more lessons we will use of Delightful Reading because we do need to get started with WinterPromise Language Arts.
Lance, can go through so many moods during our lessons together.
I'm thinking.
 A little embarrassed.
 I did it!
 Please, can we stop now. I'm tired. No more words.
Lance's work.
 The second and third 'e' came out really nice. Bravo Lance!
 After lunch Caleb and Brent finished their last subjects. All About Spelling and Shurley Grammar.
 Joshua's copywork. He likes the quotes from Queen's Homeschool.
The children make hideaways in the living room. One of their favorite games is to set the kitchen timer. Once it gets to about 10 seconds, they all run and hurry into their hideaway. If the don't make it in, then they blew up. Their hideaway even has air conditioning =) They built where the air conditioner is.
 Lance, made a pirate ship.

21 days down, 159 days to go!

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  1. Wow, by lunchtime we have the same chaos! sounds like you got a lot accomplished.


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