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Day 22

Lance, had a not-so-good day. Not sure what is going on with this little guy.
He came to do school happy. I set the timer for 10 minutes for a All About Spelling session.
 Then is mood changes once he had to practice is writing {PAL/Writing}. I set the timer for 10 minutes. He said, he doesn't like writing. I had him make a few capital letters then started with some lowercase letters. He was suppose to practice writing the vowels. 
 Normally we work through the bad mood but today it was interfering too much with his work. I told him if he didn't feel like finishing his work he couldn't do anything else. I had him sit on the step-stool for the remainder of our school day. I think it was an hour before lunch time and then from 1:00-2:00.
I almost forgot to mention his shirt. When I was taking a picture I noticed his shirt looked like the one he was wearing yesterday. I asked if it was and  he replied, "Yes, but I took it off in the night and put it on in the morning again" so it's clean. Proof in the pic below. He is wearing PJs.
 He was happy to do practice his AWANA verses this morning.
During our lunch hour I let him sit at the table and do some connect-the-dots.
Joshua, Annette, Caleb, Brent and I are really enjoying our Latin studies using Latin Primer A.
 The boys can make anything shoot, including pencils. These are their pencil shooters. They come with sound affects too!

 Annette, saying the Latin word for dinner.
 What we studied today.

Annette's science notebook. This week she had to study the Water Spider and read about five different spiders and record the different, habitats, food etc. We couldn't find too many spider books at the library so we did this together and searched the Internet. Her only request, "Please don't find the poisonous ones, because I might have nightmares" she will be happy once we move on and study something different.
 Of course Ethan my Nature Boy had to hang one up.
 Where the spider is hanging is our hallway. During a lesson I had to use the potty. On the way to the bathroom I noticed one of the boys 'tripline' so I stepped over it. Well in my haste to continue with school I forgot about the 'tripline' and of course I got caught in it and fell all the way down and landed on my knees and in order to stop the rest of this big mama, I put my hands in front of me. All I could here was "Sorry! That was meant for someone else" said Brent. All I could do was laugh as I imagined how I must have looked. Joshua, saw the whole thing because he ways lying on the floor in his bedroom. His face almost peeking out of his bedroom door (remember we live in a tiny house).'

Anyway back to writing about school.
Caleb, holding a paper spider.

 Josh, going over his Analytical Grammar with me.
 These pictures were actually taken yesterday during our Hideaway in History studies.

I baked two batches of Hearty Muffins, 2 batches of Whole Wheat Oatmeal Peanut butter cookies and two batches of Chocolate Chip cookies on Saturday. It's only Wednesday and our cookie/muffin bowls look like this one.
We might have to snack on bread, applesauce and yogurt for the rest of the week or make more cookies!

22 school days down, 158 to go!!!

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  1. Just posted, but I don't think my post went through. Lance is the baby like Josh and Josh hates writing. He will have a good attitude until it's time to write and then come the tears and the sadness. Ugh, it drives me crazy! Today he's been particularly grumpy over writing and I'm about to throw his little behind on the yellow school bus! I'm just sayin...

    Love the cookies pic! ;) Send me some!


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