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Day 23

WinterPromise Language Arts 1 (WP LA-1) came with a fun squirrel game. I was a bit disappointed because it's more of a preschool game than a first grade LA game. Even Lance is too old for it. BUT the children love it!!! Maybe it will improve Lance's fine motor-skills.
 If the spinner stops on the color green, the child uses the squirrel to pick up the acorn of the same color.
 Ethan was the winner of the first game.
 Here is a real squirrel.

The children continue to love Latin! They say it's the funnest subject. We still haven't memorized everything. We are on week five of school and only finishing chapter 3 of Latin. Today I printed some free pages from the website of the Latin program we are using. Tomorrow we'll finish and hopefully start chapter 4 next week. In the picture below, Joshua can't decide which pencil to use.
 Caleb, working hard.
 Annette, writing, Ethan sitting at the computer learning his multiplications via Timez Attack and Caleb finishing his Latin worksheet.
I didn't get too many sessions in because everything is irritating me today. It's just that time. I had to stop teaching because I would say things like, "Hurry up and write the number down" or "Stop touching so we can get through this." I was teaching Ethan, using the math manipulatives and he would want to touch them while I was setting up. Poor guy had to deal with the wrath of mama! I call it Monster Mom because when it's that time I can turn into a monster. Although I am improving. Instead of continuing with teaching my little ones I decided to stop.

It's mainly the two youngest that I get like this with, although the noise of all the children get to me too. I just have to remember that this will pass. In a few days I'll be back to a normal mom (not monster mom).

I had Ethan and Lance, use Time4Learning for school today. So no PAL/Writing, PAL/Reading or Delightful Reading lessons today or tomorrow. With my new and improved, non-rushing, have to get through the lessons attitude, I'm able to put the lessons aside and say to myself that it's okay if the children use the computer to learn for a few days. Next week the lessons will still be there.

Lance, loves AWANA. This year he is really motivated to learn his verses. Here he is at the computer listening and repeating his verse. He wants to memorize it before dad gets home.
 Annette, thinks the 'teacher' needs to have her picture taken once in a while.
 I like the comb bound Math-U-See teacher manuals because they stay open. I like the new and improved hardback ones as well but they don't stay open.
 I can't believe my Ethan, is learning his multiplications.
 Below are pictures of Brent and Caleb during a Shurley Grammar lesson. I don't really care for Shurley Grammar, it's a bit boring and the lessons are long but the children are learning. We will stick with it. I hear a lot of good reviews about this program.

 Joshua, answering questions from Bob Jones History.
Even though everything and one was getting on my nerves today I did get some lessons done.

Shurley Grammar, with Caleb and Brent
All About Spelling-Caleb and Brent
Teaching Textbook Math-Ethan (poor guy had to learn from monster mom).
Bible-Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance.
Latin-Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent.

Notice how I had to let the lessons of the youngest two go. When it's this time (monster mom) I don't have the patience to teach the younger ones. I'm sure they don't mind. Time4Learning is lots of fun for them. Especiall if they get to visit the 'playground' for fifteen minutes.

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  1. Linda, I love how honest and sincere you are! It's refreshing! I too was so cranky and crabby yesterday. I think I'm just a bit tired physically. I decided that after we hit the 9 week mark, I am definitely taking a week off. I was short with both Josh and Adam yesterday. Hopefully today will be a better day! Sometimes we teachers/moms get crabby too! ;)


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