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Day 27 (2011)

This morning for Bible, I had the children practice AWANA verses.

Joshua, did his Bob Jones Bible instead. He is actually current with it.
Speaking of Bob Jones and Josh, I thought I'd post where he is at. Bible he is on day 26, History-day 17, Science-day 12 and Spanish he put aside for now. We both decided to wait a few more months. He hasn't started Literature yet. Grammar is on hold at the moment until he finishes the first 11 weeks of Analytical Grammar.
Honestly, I don't know how others finish everything using the dvds. I'm sure it can be done but it seems like a lot to me. I do hope to stay on track from here on out and have Josh, completed a subject a day but to do history and science every, single day seems like a bit much.

We plan to take tomorrow off to go to the fair, so there goes day 28 and then in November we would like to take a week off for Thanksgiving. I guess instead of thinking in days I can think of them as lesson 27, lesson 28 and so forth.

I guess I have to look at my goals with Bob Jones as well. Again for me, I'm happy if he finishes the Language Arts portion, most of the science and most of the history. If by June he hasn't completed all of his history, I'm fine with him just reading the rest of the book over the summer and not doing all the assignments. Same with Science.

I am happy with Bob Jones and so is Joshua. I just need to sort things out, write our goals and be comfortable with how much we finish. This is our first year with going all textbook and using all DVDs so that takes a little getting use to as well.

As my cousin Tanny would say,  "It's all good!"

Lance, took this picture of the back of our house. My dad was exiting the building =)
Yesterday when I went to check on Brent to see how school was coming along. This is how I found him.
A bit too comfortable if you ask me.

Here is how I set up Caleb and Brent's Simply Spelling notebook.
I print out the passage they will copy and study that week and three-hole punch it on the right side. This way the passage is right next to the paper that they will copy it on.
Here are some samples of Annette's cursive.

Joshua's schedule.
The grammar and sometimes the math slots are not filled in for the week. With these two subjects I go day-by-day. If he missed too many then I schedule corrections and practice instead of the next lesson.
Annette watching an Analytical Grammar lesson.
I'm not sure if I posted this one or not but here is Ethan, practicing his Timez Attack.
Brent, had trouble with long multiplication. Since he hasn't used his workbook for most of the lessons, I thought I'd print out some problems from the MUS generator. This way I can save his Gamma workbook for Ethan.
I have so many pictures of nature that I'll have to take the time to size them all and post but here is one that Ethan took.
He said a squirrel was there eating the nut. I guess by the time he ran into the house to get the camera and ran back out (not to mention he slammed the door) the little guy high tailed it out of there.
Well that's it for today. My headache continues to get worse, so I should rest a little before AWANA starts.
Just a few things to remember:
Josh made another apple pie.
Last night it thundered and rained hard.
Ethan, continues to make things harder than they have to be.
Both Lance and Ethan were in my bed this morning. Lance, had bad dreams.
The children are laughing and playing in their room.
Lance is listening to a Magic Tree House audio book.


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