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Day 31 {2011/12}

I'm pretty sure we are on day 31. It stormed last night and today it's a bit chilly. Of course I opened my windows to let the cool air in. Because of this the children had about two cups of hot chocolate today.

What I completed today with the children:
  • Latin with the four older kids. We continued memorizing and did a worksheet (which reminds me, I need to go to the website and print off some worksheets).
  • Delightful Reading with Ethan, we didn't do an actual lesson. I had him practice reading. I think I might stop this now but continue using the method with WinterPromise.
  • Writing with Ease with Ethan. I read the passage, he narrated it as I wrote it and he copied his narration (one sentence).
  • Writing with Ease with Caleb and Brent. Today they copied a  few sentences and we went over the grammar.
  • Writing with Ease with Annette, she read the passage, answered the questions, I wrote down her narration, I then dictated a sentence back to her and she wrote it down.
  • All About Spelling with Ethan, he completed two lessons today. Right now it's not too difficult for him. He knows how to spell the cvc (cat, hot, hit etc) words.
  • All About Spelling with Lance, he completed half a lesson.
  • All About Spelling with Caleb and Brent, the lesson was on adding 's' to make words plural.
  • Shurley Grammar with Caleb and Brent, we continue to practice labeling the sentences and asking questions to figure out the subject noun, verb, adverb and adjectives. We also practiced making a good sentence by putting the parts of speech on the board (sn, adj., adv, v) then adding the words. For instance for subject noun we put dog. For the verb we put ran and so forth. 
  • PAL/Writing with Lance. Practiced making letters.
  • PAL/Reading with Lance, again we didn't do a lesson but are reviewing lessons 1-7.
What I didn't get done:
  • Math with Lance, he does some math on the computer using Time4Learning but I didn't do a lesson from his math book.
  • Bible, the children did practice their AWANA verses for Bible instead because I woke up at 7:15 (didn't get out of bed for another five minutes) and was not ready for school by 8:00.
  • Science
  • History
Here Lance, is pointing to a letter. I am saying the sound of the letter.
 I am saying the sound of the letter and Lance is writing it in his brand new notebook.
 Hard at work.
 Look how well he made some of his letters. The j's need to be practiced a bit more. He learned a letter story with each letter, sometimes he refers back to the story. This helps him remember how to form the letter. For instance with the letter 'm' he said, "Oh, that's the mountain letter" or with the letter 'r' he remembered it was a tree with a wild cat sitting on the branch.
 Below, is Lance, acting silly. We took his car seat out of the van because he graduated to a booster seat.

Ethan's WWE.
 Annette, working on Analytical Grammar. She completed a test for Unit 5 and scored a B. The diagramming is becoming more difficult for her. I have a few diagramming workbooks that I think would be great practice for her but unfortunately they are in storage packed away.
 Joshua was telling me about what he is learning. He is really enjoying his history studies.
 Josh, showing me the letters for a printing press from the 1400's.
 Josh, is good at taking notes. His history takes longer than it should because he pauses it a lot to write things he wants to remember. He will write summaries as well.
 After lunch I have an All About Spelling session with Caleb and Brent. Lance, decided to join in. On the board I put the tiles in order to write the word 'map'. When I asked what the word said, Lance raised his hand and red the word. I was pretty excited. He sounded each letter out m-a-p then said 'map'.
 This is one of Lance's favorite lunches. A slice of cheese, yogurt, an apple and hot chocolate. The rest of us had Tamales that Lupe brought home from work yesterday. Yum!

Ethan, did a few math and phonics lessons via Time4Learning. I can't believe I still haven't found his Teaching Textbook DVDs. He will start MCP Math next week. T4L is okay but there are some things he needs more practice with, so a workbook he will start.
The double digit adding and subtracting for instance is moving too fast for him, so today I had him do the money lessons instead and later after I go over the add. and sub. more, he can finish those lessons from T4L.

Lance, did a few phonics and math lessons using Time4Learning as well.

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