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Day 33

I'm not too tired today. Maybe it's the smell of a chocolate cake baking in the oven. Joshua, whipped one up before our two-hour quiet time.

I'm still in my pajamas. It was so cold this morning (in the 40's). It's not so cold anymore but I'm very comfy. Especially with my cup of coffee (2nd cup today).

Because it was so cold this morning it was hard to get started and continue. What we all really wanted to do was make some hot chocolate, grab our blankets, curl up on the couch and watch a good movie. As much as we wanted to do this I had to be strong and tell the children we need to get school done.

Here is what I did with the children, this does not include what they did on their own.
  • Latin, with the four older children. They took a test that I printed from the website. I feel like we should study more but not sure when. Annette, has really memorized the grammar and the words. The rest of us have memorized most of the words but not all the grammar.
  • Writing With Ease, with Ethan. He is on week 9 and today I read the passage, he narrated it back as I wrote it down. He still needs to copy his narration.
  • Writing with Ease with Annette, today I dictated a passage to her. Before she starts writing, I'll ask her if there are any words she doesn't know how to spell. If there are some I'll write those words on the board for her. I'm suppose to repeat the sentence three times, then have her say the sentence, but usually we have to say them a few more times before she is ready to write them.
  • Spelling with Annette. Today, was the day for her test. She is using WinterPromise's spelling. I'll have to write more about this later.
  • All About Spelling with Ethan, he completed another step. Today, was the first time I dictated phrases to him.
  • All About Spelling with Lance. He started step 5 yesterday, we continued today and he may finish this step tomorrow.
  • Writing with Ease with Lance, I read the story, had him answer the question, and had him tell me something he remembers as I wrote it down. He still is not doing the copywork.
  • PAL/Writing. WWE is part of PAL/Writing. With PAL/Writing I am suppose to read a passage to him daily and go over it with him. PAL only gave passages/stories for the first 10 lessons and then the parent is to continue and find their own, so this gave me the chance to add Writing with Ease in. He also practiced making letters again. Capital and lowercase.
  • PAL/Reading with Lance, he is on lesson 8. This week I slowed things down to give him time to memorize and practice his words. We played the games and read sentences from his workbook. We did any pages he missed. Mon-Wed. he did lesson 7 and today he started lesson 8.
  • Shurley English with Caleb and Brent. Yesterday prepositions were introduced. There was a lot of information in yesterdays lesson, so we finished it today. We were also able to start and complete today's lesson Ch-5 L-3. Shurley isn't the funnest grammar program but it's getting the job done. In only 6 weeks Caleb and Brent have learned five of the eight parts of speech. This is the first year with using a formal grammar with these two.
  • Math for a Living Education with Lance. Eeeks! It's been two weeks since we worked on math. He has been using Time4Learning but I haven't sat with him to do a lesson. Maybe I can get another lesson in tonight.
I also had some quick 10 minute sessions with Josh, Caleb, Brent and Annette. These are short because I'm usually showing them what needs to be corrected and why.
Ethan, Lance and I listened to this book today.
 Ethan, did a page of his MCP Math while listening. He is enjoying a cup of chocolate milk too (Ovaltine)
 Lance, was not happy to start school, so he listened from this chair.
 A comfortable way to do math. Using Systematic Math.
Lance, added some more paint dots to his alphabet chart. The letters with the date next to them are the ones he has memorized and knows.
 Using our 'gems' to do some math problems.
Annette and Josh were studying a little bit together, so I thought I would capture the moment. Annette's history reader is Sign of the Beaver. She is actually listening to the audio book but with answering some of the question from her America the Beautiful program she needed the book. I think Josh, was helping her since he has read and listened to the book.
The passage from Writing with Ease, that I dictated to Annette.
The sentences from Shurley Grammar that we labeled today. I have only one whiteboard, this is why the spelling tiles are on it.
 Brent making some dough for him and Caleb. They rolled it out like a pizza, put cheese and ham on th dough, folded it and baked it.
36 days down, 144 to go!

Edited to add that I added in another school session with Annette. Around 5:00p.m. we went over lesson 8 of Math-U-See (MUS). She was having trouble with her fractions. It's a neat thing to hear her talk about the rule of 8 and such. She is growing up. Anyway, I helped her figure it out and brushed up on my fractions as well ;)

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