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Day 35 and 36

I was too tuckered to blog yesterday (noticed I didn't use the word tired?). I thought I'd blog in the evening but Lupe, was using the computer looking for our next car.

I'm going to combine both days. Below are yesterdays pictures.
Ethan, segmenting words using All About Spelling level 1.
Some of Ethan's work. He completed three pages from Explode the Code 3, 1 page from his Word Family Activity Book and he read 1 story from his 25 Read and Write Mini Books.
WinterPromise Language Arts 1 was a little bit too hard for Ethan, so I am backing him up with WinterPromise's 12 weeks course-Fast Track Phonics. Although Ethan has learned or been introduced to the 70 phonograms he hasn't practiced them. He also took that long summer break.
Fast Track Phonics is reintroducing those phonograms with lots of practice using them. He will reinforce what he learns through the workbooks that come with the program and readers as well. By the end of the 12 weeks he should be prepared to start WinterPromise LA-1.
I kind of knew that WP LA-1 might be too much for him but I was hoping he'd be okay. I guess I should have went with my gut feeling. Oh well, 12 weeks isn't too long, plus with using All About Spelling I think he'll catch on.
I'm not sure if we'll continue with Delightful Reading. He has completed 75% of it.  He can read the stories but again, I really think Ethan, just needs to start reading. In the mean-time I feel safer if he is using a program though. This is why I have him using Fast Track Phonics. It's my safety net in a way. Since he's not picking up books to read I feel better if he continues to practice phonics and to see and hear the phonograms as well as writing the sounds, circling them etc. in his workbooks.
 Samples of her map work.

 Lance, segmenting using the tiles. First he used the tokens, then he used the letters.
Later Lance, was sitting in on one of Caleb and Brent's Shurley English lessons. He copied one of the sentences.
 He didn't get all the words as you can see but what I thought was cute, below after the letters 'peep' there is a proofreading mark ^ . He put that there because I had forgotten to write the word 'has' and inserted the ^ mark to fit in the word 'has'. Later as I was showing Lupe, how he was copying the words I was writing on the board, I noticed that he copied and inserted the word like I did.
Lance's penmanship is improving but it's slow. He does well when he is allowed to write with no lines, like shown above. When we practice using notebook paper he has a hard time.

At the end of the day I felt like having some Pineapple Upside Down Cake, so I baked one. I used 1cup wheat flour and 1/2 cup white, so it taste a little different but it's still good.
 Some of the pineapples slid out of place. I thought I filled all the gaps though.

Day 36

I started day 36 off with a good cup of coffee. My dad bought me this Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Chrome Percolator for my birthday. I've been wanting one for years.
I remember when I was a little girl I would spend the night or arrive early at my Grandma Catherine's house. I loved the sound of the percolator. Hers had a glass knob and I could see the coffee perk. A very fond memory. She would also give me a cup with lots of can milk and sugar.
I also remember my Grandmother Tanny's as well. In fact she still uses hers to this day.
Annette, this morning during Latin.
 Brent, happily working on his Latin. We are on chapter 5, reviewing what we have learned so far.
 My Lance, has not been very cooperative these days. He comes to the 'hot seat' with a not-so-good attitude. One that makes me not want to teach him. Instead of me getting upset and saying something I'll regret, I send him to a chair in the kitchen.
I do this because I don't want to send him away where he'll find something fun to do. I don't want him sitting on his bed where I can't see him. I feel like that wouldn't do because there is a computer in there and usually someone is on it. Just too much fun.
While he was sitting on the chair, I was schooling Ethan. Lance, asked if he could have a sheet of paper. Later, when I looked up Lance, said how did my 'a' come out? He was practicing his letters. He even made the house that I draw to demonstrate making the letters. His isn't on the lines correctly but I thought that was neat that he remembered.
Here he is writing.
I thought while he is sitting there he can practice his reading. I wrote some cvc words on a piece of paper for him. He said he was going to write a story using those words.

Ethan writing words that I am dictating from All About Spelling.
 He completed another lesson.
 All About Spelling 2 arrived today, so I thought I'd set up the box for Caleb and Brent.
Below Lance's box on the left. In the middle is Caleb and Brent's (they share) and to the right is Ethan's.
Thankfully it looks like I'll only need to purchase two sets of each level of the student packets. Currently Lance is using level 1, Ethan is about half way through level 1 and Caleb and Brent, started level 2 today.
In a week or so I'll purchase the student packet for level 2 for Ethan. I'm sure by the time Lance is ready for level two he can use the one that Caleb and Brent are sharing. Clear as mud, right?
Brent completing some math. We had a session together. We went over long multiplication and I explained the finding the area and perimeter.
 I'm thinking.....I'm thinking....

Hope you all enjoyed peeking into our 35th and 36th days of homeschooling.
Now I'm off to check my stew that I started this morning.
I took this picture in the morning.

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  1. We use All About Spelling too. Both of our girls (8 and 7) are on level 2, and after persevering, we are seeing their spelling skills jump from lesson time to everyday writing!


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