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Day 38

I'm so glad summer is gone and fall is here. The weather is lovely. I can open my windows again. The temperature didn't even hit 70's.
Last night I took some strawberries out of the freezer for snack time today.
 Lance, completed an All About Spelling lesson. I dictated the sounds of the letters and he wrote them. I also dictated a few words. To help him remember how to place and form a letter on the lines, I wrote the alphabet on the top of his page.
 Later he had a tantrum.
 Completing a math lesson from his Math book. We were going over what numbers consist of. For instance the number 11 is one-ten and one unit.
 Then we practiced place value.
And I thought they were doing school.

Caleb doing a Math Whizz lesson.
 Annette, diagramming via Analytical Grammar.
Ethan, is doing Tae Bo Kicks.

Brent and Caleb, doing Shurley English. Our first grammar lesson this week.

We did Hideaways in History today! Completed week 3, yay!

That's all folks!
 (the kids quiet time is up)

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  1. I always enjoy your photos - looks like another great week. RE: the tantrum - I can't relate.


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