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Day 40

I thought since we had so much candy we'd have fun with it. Below I put skittles and M&Ms in water and we watched the letters float to the top.
 Floating m's.
 You have to really look to see the floating s.
 The M&Ms did better than the Skittles.
The children 'caught' some of the m's. I think those fingers belong to Annette, Caleb and Brent.
Lance completing an All About Spelling lesson.
 I wrote the alphabet for him. Then I dictated letters and words.
If he forgets how to make a certain letter, all I have to do is remind him of the Letter Story that he learned from PAL/Writing. For instance with the letter 'u' I'll say, "It's princess /u/ up" and it will jog his memory. Another is the letter 'w'. I'll show him the sign for water and he'll remember how to make the letter. He knows the sounds but forgets what the letter looks like.

I spent a lot of time with Annette, going over fractions and the rule of 4 and 8 via Math-U-See and the short-cut. We'll practice more tomorrow.

I didn't get too many sessions in but am happy that I did a Hideaway in History lesson. I am trying to figure out how to fit it in. One of my thoughts is to push some other subjects a side one week out of a month to focus on history and science.
Maybe take a week off from grammar and writing to do this. Still not sure but that's something I'm thinking about.

Today, in Shurley English Caleb and Brent were introduced to subject pronouns.
Josh, watched a few Kahn Academy math tutorials (fractions).
Lance, practiced counting tens.
Ethan, finished week 2, day 1 of Fast Track phonics.
Another day down =)

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