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This morning about 7:30, Ethan was dressed and asked if he could pick up Grandpa Joe because they were going to go for a walk. I was pretty sure my dad forgot and was a sleep. I told Ethan, if grandpa is sleeping to come right back (my dad lives in the back, upstairs apartment). He didn't come back so I figured dad was awake but I knew he wasn't ready. My dad sometimes forgets what he tells the children:like when he retires he will take them treasure hunting in Flordia, he's retired now and there is no more talk about going to Flordia to find treasure ;)

Later Ethan, came back with a small container of chocolate milk. Guess they stopped at the donut shop ( old, downtown is five minutes away).

During lunch time my dad told me that he was still asleep when Ethan, arrived. Henry, opened the door and let Ethan in. Grandpa was sleeping, so Ethan, took it upon himself to enter Grandpa's room. My dad felt something touching his fingers. It was Ethan. My dad opened one eye and there was his grandson.

Grandpa woke, dressed and took Ethan for his morning walk. Ethan said, "I'm hungry Grandpa" that was his hint to stop at the donut shop. Before Ethan, left the house I told him not to ask Grandpa for anything. Guess I better rephrase that. Don't ask or hint about wanting something.

Since Ethan had a donut and chocolate milk, my dad decided to buy himself a diet coke. They both sat outside the convenient store and drank their drinks. What I'd do for a picture of them sitting together, drinking their favorite drinks.

My dad really enjoys his time with his grandchildren, buying them donuts and chocolate milk.

Ethan, like his mama, has skin problems. He gets rashes, dry itchy spots and hives.
This time he had a mark on his nose. I noticed it yesterday and asked about it but he couldn't remember how he got it. Then today I inquired about it again and he said, "Oh, I remember" as he picked up a hula-hoop and showed me that he was rubbing it against his nose, not knowing that it was rubbing his skin off. Not sure why he was doing that but that's how he got the scrape.

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