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Fair Day

Yesterday we took the children to the fair. It's the first time we attending since we moved to Texas. I have heard good things about the fair but we just never took the time to go. This year my SIL gave us some tickets that they weren't going to use (they received them from their school). Lupe, found some coupons at McDonald, buy one adult ticket ($16.00) and receive a child ticket free! We were able to get five of the kiddos in for free.

The children had so much fun. To stay within our means and still have fun, we attended all the free stuff. We did  purchase a $100.00 worth of tickets and over half of that went toward us eating. We purchased five corn dogs and one large drink for $25.00 worth of tickets. Annette, had Nachos instead and that was $5.00, Brent and Ethan shared some hot wings and french fries for another $6.00. We also tried some ice cold root beer. Purchased two large for $6.00 worth of tickets. Since we weren't going to purchase individual drinks, I saved one of the cups and had brought one of Lance's cups from home. It has a lid because my Lance always seems to spill at the dinner table. This helped so we didn't always have to share the big cup.

All but Lupe and Annette, went on one ride each (Lance, rode two). They were about 10 tickets each. We had a great time. The kids were wonderful. They didn't complain about anything. They were just happy to spend a day away from home with mom and dad. It was special. On the way home we ate at In-N-Out Burgers.

By 6:30 Lupe and I were exhausted and ready to go, so an hour later we left.
Ethan and Lance. Lance is saying 'Moooo'
 Close-up of Annette.
Annette and Brent.
There were many exhibits but I didn't take pictures of them all. Here is one on cotton.

 Ethan and I think it was Lance feeling the cotton.
Starting from the bottom with Lance, he is wearing the Buzz Light Year watch and going counter clock-wise. Lance, Josh, Annette, Caleb, Ethan and Brent.
Josh and Annette, only have one hand showing.

 Petting Elsie the cow.
 She is a pretty cow. I love her brown fur.
 Next to Elsie was her calf.
 Eating a free ice cream cone. Yummy!

 Visiting the pigs. Here is Ethan, looking at one. He said he likes pigs.
 Josh and dad looking at the baby chicks.

We went to two dog shows. Annette, didn't want to miss any of them. I didn't take pictures of the dogs. My Sweets doesn't like when I take too many pics of things like that.
I thought my father-in-law would like how these are made with license plates.
 Caleb. You can also see Annette, waaay in the back. She is wearing pink.
 Mom, with the children.
 Dad, with the kiddos.

 Walking. Annette, Lupe, Josh. Then Ethan and Brent. Lance, is the one closest, wearing the red shirt.
These next photos of us on a ride makes me laugh out loud. Brent, looks so funny trying to hold on. I couldn't stop laughing during the ride. Seeing my little guy was so funny.
Josh, is in the back with the people we don't know.
Brent, Caleb and I. Not going too fast yet.

 Speeding up. My Brent is starting to slip.
Look at Brent.
He looks so cute! The lady in the back looks a bit creepy as Lance would say.
Here is Caleb.
Brent, loved the ride and said it was soooooooooo fuuuuuun!!!!! This was their first time on a fast ride.
I went overboard with the pictures of Lance and Ethan, this was their first real ride.

 Ethan and Lance, had so much fun on this ride.
 I took so many pictures trying to capture their smiling faces.

 Lance, wanted to ride by himself on this one.
 I don't know why, but I like to take pictures of the children walking with Lupe.
Watching the pig races.

This is the best I could do with getting a picture of the pigs running.
 Caleb, in front of the Police horse's stalls.
 Lupe and kids in front of a giant chocolate milk jug.
We watched a milking demonstration.

 Kids, are getting tired too.
Brent's shoe kept untying, so he had to stop a lot and tie it.

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time! Love the pics! :)


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