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Friday and Saturday Happenings

Joshua, made an Apple Pie. I think he actually made it on Friday though. He kept trying to roll out the crust but it would stick to the counter. He added flour to the rolling pin and counter but still it kept sticking. I decided to give it a try but the same thing kept on happening. Finally I put the crust on top as best I could.
Annette like to doodle while schooling.
 She made a space-ship while doing Analytical Grammar.
 This is the mouse from the game Mouse Trap. She did this during math time.

The children cleaning up after supper. Not sure if this was Friday or Saturday.
Annette, Caleb, Brent and Ethan. Josh is taking the pictures.

Saturday the three younger children and I took a walk to the park. On our way we found this leaf with something growing on it (I think).
The front of the leaf with the dot things.
 The back.

Ethan, fell asleep in the kitchen on Sunday.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Linda! That apple pie looks sooooo good! What are you doing to my diet posting these pics! LOL! Even my Josh's mouth is salivating. We just need some ice-cream to scoop on top and call me done! :)


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