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Half Day (Day 37)

Today was one of those half school days. Because today didn't start like a normal day it hasn't been a normal day. I don't know why but when my day is thrown off by something it's almost always stays that way. Like today. I woke before six to get Lupe and the two oldest off to Oklahoma and instead of starting school at 8:00 we didn't. I did some Internet surfing and the children played some games or just played. Weird huh?

Maybe we're just excited because Lupe, is bringing home a new vehicle  

Whatever the reason we did some school though. Ethan completed another lesson from his Fast Track Phonics program.
 We did some history notebooking pages and added some map work. We read about China. Lance, drew (middle pic) a picture of The Great Wall of China.
 Had a light lunch of yogurt and berries.
 Children did some physical education.
 This past weekend I didn't bake. Instead I bought lots of frozen and canned fruit, yogurt and applesauce. This weekend I'll baks something yummy and add more frozen/canned fruit.
We like our fruit cold, so I put the canned fruit in the fridge.

This week we finished our 3rd week of Hideaways in History. I'm liking the program especially the picture books. The only thing that would make it perfect for me would be maps. I would like for the children to color and label maps. They don't have to be anything  with major detail, just something so the children can see the area we are studying.
I'm considering Map Trek to add to our history studies.
 I could purchase the cds only but I like having a book in my hand. I like the cd because I can print as any maps as I need.
I'm still looking around but think Map Trek may be it. I spent way too much time today looking for a map to go with our studies. I'd rather pay and have it done for me.

I can't wait for All About Reading level 1 to ship. I know Lance, is going to like it better than PAL/Reading. All About Reading makes more sense to this mama. I think starting with the short vowel and going from there will work better.
PAL/Reading introduces a sound via a word but with no real practice. For example the word 'brown' introduces the 'ow' phonogram. I know AAS is done along side it and will cement the phonograms but I like more order and lots of practice.

That's it for today, I need to get supper started. We have AWANA tonight. Hope Lupe makes it home in time otherwise I'm in charge of our Sparks class. I prefer my Sweets to do the lesson, I get too embarrassed.

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