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Homemade Apple Pie

Josh, made his first real homemade apple pie. I say 'first real' one because he actually followed the recipe instead of making up his own.

His dad was real happy that he followed the instructions (recipe) this an area we have been working on with Josh. Ever since he was just a little tyke he has wanted to do things his own way and this has made it hard at times with teaching.

When he was first learning to write his name, he would make his 'J' upside down. When I would show him how to form it correctly he would say, "But this is how I make it, it is right." In his mind it was right. I had to tell him it may be right to him but to the rest of the world the 'J' is not made like that.

It came out really, really good. The crust was not overly thick or hard. Nice and flaky.

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