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Josh School

Whew, that was a lot of catching up. I still have more to share but thought I'd write about some school changes.

I can't believe I'm still purchasing a few things. My most recent purchase was The Paragraph book 1 for Josh.

Because Bob Jones Grammar is pretty challenging, I thought we'd back up. Josh, like Annette, is taking off 11 weeks of his regular scheduled program to use Analytical Grammar as a refresher course. Bob Jones Grammar also consist of writing. I thought I'd add that in as well.

At first I was going to have him do Susan Wise Bauer's writing course {Writing with Style}. As much as I really wanted him to use it I don't think I can squeeze that time in to teach it (I know sounds horrible) but I can only stretch so far. I have heard good things about The Paragraph Book.

Another reason why I'm add in The Paragraph Book is during Joshua's second semester he will be writing more via his Literature course. While he is taking a break from Bob Jones Grammar and Writing I want him to continue a writing program.

With regards to Joshua using Bob Jones Distance Learning DVDs, he is really liking the whole course. It does make a for a long day but Josh, doesn't mind. He is happy with all the learning. I can tell he enjoys his classes.

The break from Grammar and Writing is going to put him 'behind' with finishing on time but I'm trying not to worry about that. Sometimes it's hard but I'm leaving it in the Lord's hands. I know Josh, is learning and continues to move forward at his pace.

Also with him learning Latin, I know this will help eventually with understanding grammar and vocabulary. I know in my heart at the end of the day, it's going to be okay. Living through the day-to-day homeschooling days is what's hard at times. As a homeschooling mom who shoulders the weight of all six children's education it can be intimidating at times. Everyone looks at you if something is missing in the child's education.

With regards to shouldering the children's education, I'm speaking in general terms. I'm thankful to have a husband who is very supportive and a God who is in control and never changing. I have children who {for the most part} don't complain and enjoy school {as much as one can enjoy school :) } I know I'm not really shouldering it all but as the main one teaching the children it just seems like it, you know what I mean?

Anyway back to Josh and him using Bob Jones. As for the other subjects Bible, Spanish, Science and History he is doing well. He is not on day 21 with all subjects. I don't know if anyone actually finishes all 180 days in 180 days. There is a lot of stuff in this course. I know Josh, won't be able to complete every assignment by June. I really haven't figured it all out yet about how to get it all done because next year he'll be in  high school. But that's another days worry =)

From what I understand, public school children don't finish every, single page of their school books either, so that makes me feel a little better. Usually I will have them finish books over the summer or start back next school year but with the next year being Joshua's high school year we'll do as much as we can and move on.

Looks like quiet time is over. I can hear the children coming out of their rooms. I need to clean the kitchen and the children are going to tidy the living room. Josh, wants to make his Apple Pie and I need to get things ready for supper. We are having hamburgers tonight. We love homemade burgers.

In Him,


  1. We shouldn't feel any need to compare ourselves to the public/government schools...but - FYI - the general consensus is that, if a teacher finished 75-80% of a book, it was completed.

  2. Linda, I've been interested in that paragraph series, so I will be watching your posts closely.

    You do such a great job and you are very in tune with what they need! They will be fine!

  3. Thanks Tina, I don't really compare too much but felt I should explaine for those who don't homeschool.
    Dee, I sure try. Each child is so different (a good thing!)


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