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Money Jar

Lupe, Joshua, Caleb and Brent, are going on a hike in November with their Alert Cadet group. This is all new to us. We go camping at least a few times a year but the boys have never gone backpacking into the wilderness.

This calls for all new backpacking equipment. They need everything to be as light as possible. Our regular camping tent and sleeping bags won't do for this trip.

We have a jar full of change that Lupe had the children count and we'll use it for the backpacking trip.

We also found some change that Grandpa Lupe left for the children one year and put that in the jar as well. The children counted over $200.00 dollars. Who would have thought there could be so much in a change jar.

With the extra Lupe, took it to one of those machines that counts it and gives you a gift certificate for the amount. He surprised Annette, with a $31.00 Amazon gift receipt which she promptly spent the next day. She purchased the last audio book for The Kingdom Series and two missionary books from YWAM that has been on her list.


  1. Ooh the boys will enjoy backpacking. Be prepared once they try and it's a good experience they will do it every year. My husband can't wait for our boys to be old enough to join him on his annual trips : D

    And yes, very key: light, light, light!!! REI will become a favorite store. Don't forget good hiking shoes. I've witnessed blisters the size of half dollars after a backpacking trip...ouch!

    I'll look forward to reading more as the time gets closer : D

  2. I had to smile because we just went to REI tonight =)


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