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Our Homeschool Area

Now that we live in a very small three bedroom one bathroom house, with no game room or extra dining and living areas (really miss them) our kitchen has become our main school room/area. The children do some of their school work in their rooms, my room or living room but the kitchen is where we house lots of our school stuff.

This half size bookshelf is were I put my teacher manuals that I use daily with all the children {Writing with Ease, Analytical Grammar, answer keys etc. etc. etc.} I don't put all the Bob Jones teacher manuals on this shelf because I don't use them daily. Only the subjects I teach go here.

On the top I put things that I use daily, timers, tickets, bell, AAS card boxes. The container bin that is taking up a lot of space is going to be removed or better organized. I am suppose to have only the books that I am currently reading but right now it's a catch-all. It needs to go.
 The second and third shelves is where I put all of Lance's and Ethan's school stuff. They sit with me for almost every subject. The crate on the bottom shelf has Ethan and Lance's teacher manuals, papers and workbooks filed there. I'm trying to stay organized, so if there is one paper that doesn't have a home, then I put it in a Manila folder, label it and file it.

The little red bin has math manipulatives in. I  also have a shelf where my desk is that houses more math stuff.

On the wall next to my bookshelf I have the alphabet (we are missing the letter 'b'). I like this set because some of the letter cards have verses. They are really neat!
The whiteboard is used daily. I use it for everything. I would like a bigger one but currently I don't have the space for it.
There is also a smaller whiteboard that you can barely see above the bookshelf. It has Caleb's and Brent's Simply Spelling and our picture study, as well as notes under the school stuff.
With Simply Spelling, I briefly go over that days study, so I like to have my own copy.
Above the small whiteboard is The 21 Rules of This House. To the right (can't see it in the picture) I have a red hanging file folder thing. Not sure what the name of it is but you see them in schools. Also toward the right the is the clock and a creation poster.
This wall is where I put our calendar and map. As you can see we have a beautiful air conditioner and heater displayed.
The table becomes our huge desk during school time. Some of the children like to do their work at the table. I am teaching in this area from 8-12 and them 1-2.

Well that's our school area. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

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