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Sample Week {Caleb}

I thought I'd share what a week of school looks like for Caleb.

He starts with Bible. This is done with me and his younger sibling (Brent, Ethan and Lance) I read a story from Leading Little Ones to God. I read this more for the younger ones. We look up the suggested verses and I choose one for him to copy into his Tracking Your Walk journal. He then spends 15 minutes studying his AWANA verses.

After Bible time as a group with Annette, Josh, and Brent, he studies Latin. We all listen to previous words using the cd. If starting a new chapter we watch the dvd. Through the week we practice together and do any workbook pages.

While I work with the younger siblings Caleb can do his independent work.
  • 1pg daily from his MCP Plaid Phonics
  • Tuesday-Thursday he copies and studies a passage from Simply Spelling. Friday I dictate the passage to him.
  • 1pg. daily from his cursive book.
  • 3xweek he copies a passage from Copywork for Little Boys.
  • 10 minutes daily he practices his Latin words
  • for the most part he can finish a lesson from Math-U-See
What we do together, usually with Brent:
  • 3xweek Writing with Ease
  • 4xweek Shurley Grammar
  • 4xweek All About Spelling
  • 1xweek Simply Spelling dictation on Friday
  • 2xweek Hideaway in History (sorry to write that it's not always 2x a week)
  • 2xweek A Nature Walk with Auntie Bessie (same as history)
If he is having trouble with math (like today) I try to fit him in during the day but if I can't then we go over it in the evening or the next day and he finishes the problems that he can do.

He also checks his work from the previous day to see if he missed something or if there is a note from me about a subject.

Science and history unfortunately are not done consistently like I would like it to be. My days are so packed that I barely have time to shove a muffin in my mouth during the morning. I'm really trying though. Other than that all the other subjects are done as listed.

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