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Sunday Night Play

Joshua, Annette, Brent and Ethan put on a play Sunday night. They practiced on Saturday. Annette, made Ginger Cookies too.

The name of the play was The Stolen Manuscript.
 Joshua announcing the play.
 The two bad guys {gal}. Ethan, is transferring the stolen manuscript on a rainy night to Annette.

 A witness.
 The witness telling the officer. Annette, playing another role is writing the report.

 The audience having a good time.
 I forgot what is happening in this scene. Brent, spoke to low.
 I do remember when he turned around he knocked Annette of the table with his pole. I liked how the children added lots of humor to the play.

Josh looks like he is singing but he is also the narrator.

 Now he is the police officer.

 Break time.
 Annette, serving while Josh and Brent get ready for the magic show.

 Annette, used a Bob and Larry {Veggie Tales} cookie cutter.
 Before the magic show a poem is read.
 Another happy person watching the play.
 Josh introducing Brent the Magnificent!!!
And the crowd went wild!
 Calling people from the audience to help.

 Even mom gets in on the fun.

 Dad too.

The End

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  1. Aw, it looks like they are having such a great time! Memories...


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