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Trick-or-treating at Lupe's Work

The children really do look forward to trick-or-treating at Lupe's work. By the time they are done they have tons of candy. They do have to discard any candy that is chewy or hard (Milk Duds, tootsie rolls, etc.).

Before they started.
 I love this picture. Look at Ethan.
They wanted to take a picture in age-order.
 Josh-Army man, Annette-Cowgirl, Caleb-Arm Man, Brent-Magician, Ethan-Race Car Driver, Lance-Bible-SuperMan.

 Josh, with his friend Mr. Skell.
Must I take a picture with the skeleton.

 Happy with all his goods!
 Love his smile.
 Bartering the goods!

 After. Bags are full of junk, um candy.
This was Friday.

Sunday we had a Fall Fest at the church. The children don't dress up but there is a Chili Cook Off. Yum!
I'll have to load pics later. I forgot my camera but my SIL took some pictures.

Tonight we are going to walk to Old Downtown and have fun.

I'm really not to crazy with the kids dressing up. As a child I was not allowed to dress up (although I always wanted to dress-up as Laura Ingalls or a Victorian gal with the hoop dresses). I wasn't going to allow my children, but hubby didn't see it the same way, so I've learned to just accept it and have fun with the children.

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