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Week 4

Week 4. Sept.  26-30th, 2011

We finished another week, a week full of birthdays.
Annette's birthday was Friday the 23rd, Lupe's 27th, my dad's 28th and Caleb's the 29th.

 A page from Brent's MCP Plaid Phonics workbook.
 Caleb's page from MCP Plaid Phonics.
 Ethan completed a page from ETC 6 and his phonics workbook.
Ethan, completing a Time4Learning lesson {I still haven't found our TT cd's}
 Josh, practicing Latin in his little space. Notice the cup in a mug by his elbow, I don't let the children bring cups to the table during school. But I'm a softy at times. I told the children that they need to put it in a mug that is stable with a flat bottom. This way if the cup is bumped it won't fall so easily or quickly.
 Brent, during a Latin lesson.
 Another view of the children during our Latin lesson.

There was a lot accomplished this week but I didn't get a chance to blog about it. I thought to at least post some of the pictures from Friday.

This week during Lance's Phonics lesson he said, "So I can learn to read and not need your help."

During a spelling lesson Annette said, "I finally met my match." Looks like WinterPromise's spelling, Alien Attack is challenging her. She also said that this is the only spelling program that has been challenging. The other programs were always too easy {Megawords, Rod and Staff, Soaring with Spelling etc.}

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  1. Hi Linda, I'm glad to hear that your schooling is going so well. Thank you for updating your blog on all the progress you and the kids are making...I love to hear how your days went :)


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