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Week 6 (2011/2012)

Week6. Sept. 10th-11th, 2011.

This was a three day week. Monday, was Columbus day and we watched Heidi. It was a cold rainy morning. Although it did warm up by 1:00.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday we did school.
Thursday we took a feild trip to the fair. Lots of fun.

Here is what Joshua did this week.
  1. Bible-completed Day 23 and Day 24
  2. Latin-we started a new chapter but only studied the words twice this week.
  3. Math-completed lessons 14, 15, 15S, so a total of three lessons.
  4. History-he completed Day 15 Day 17
  5. Analytical Grammar-not much done this week. He did the test from last week and started chapter 2.
  6. Science-completed Day 11 and Day 12.
  7. Copywork-completed one day.
  8. Penmanship-1pg.
Josh likes using Bob Jones Distance Learning. I really think this is going to work out. We did have to step back with a few things. For instance with the Grammar and Writing he is using Analytical Grammar and I might start him with the Paragraph Book 1 on Monday. Once he completes the first 11 weeks of Analytical Grammar he may or may not continue with Bob Jones. I'm not sure yet. My plan as of today is have him only do the first 11 weeks but the more I look at Analytical Grammar I might have him continue with it for Part 2.

Bob Jones science and history is keeping Joshua's interest. Currently in history he has been introduced to Shakespear and Leonardo DeVinci, so he has checked out some books at the library about these two. He's really good about wanting to learn more and will do so on his own without me prompting him. He has been using the library a lot this year to flesh out the topics from history.

As for me and Bob Jones I'm getting used to it and it's not taking me so long to get his week ready. Each week I have been taking the time to print out everything for one subject. A few weeks ago I printed all the Bible stuff (maps, timeline etc.) this last week I printed the history stuff. This week I'll print everthing related to science.
I am also discipling myself to correct daily. I'll admit, I haven't recorded all his scores yet but I'm getting there. I'm caught up with grading his Bible but some of the other subjects I need to add the grades to his score sheet.
But as for grading his work daily I'm up-to-date on that.

Annette did:
  • WinterPromise Grammar-she completed 6pgs from her workbook. This is the workbook where she has to solve the mysteries of grammar.
  • WP Spelling-she completed 2 lessons, because of the short week she didn't take her spelling test.
  • Math-U-See-completed two lesson which equals 4pgs.
  • Writing with Ease-we did one lesson this week. We'll have to finish this week of WWE next week.
  • History she completed two lessons. This consist of reading a Bible passage, literature, map work and completing a timeline. I would still like to do more with her (like outlining) but it hasn't happened yet.
  • Bible-she continues to study the book of Romans. Mon. she narrated the Bible passage and Tues. she wrote the main idea. She also studies and does AWANA assignments.
  • Science-A Nature Walk with Aunte Bessie, is working out great! She completes most of the assignments on her own. She uses the library and internet. When using the internet I am doing the actual looking up but she reads it. We don't have child safety on our computer yet, so she is not allowed to leave the site. The computer is in the kitchen as well, so I'm always near. The children know the rules too.
  • Latin-like with Josh, we didn't get to study too much this week but were introduced to the new words.
  • Cursive-she completed a few pages.
  • Analytical Grammar-she is really enjoying this. She didn't get to complete Unit 5 this week because of the two days we weren't actually hitting the books but she did start it. This program is doing a great job with teaching her to take the sentence apart. In fact she told me that when she reads she finds herself diagramming the sentences. That's a good thing!
I'm thankful that school is off to a great start. The children are happy with my choices this year and so am I. Last years choices were good but this years is better!

I still have three more children to write about but I might come back later or I might not.
Hope you enjoyed my Week in Review.
Sorry, no pictures but please hit the 'Home' button to read more about our week or scroll down.
Thank you and have a great day!


  1. I enjoy reading your daily updates. I don't comment often but I am reading them. AS always I'm inspired by how you teach each of your children!

  2. Thank you Daisy for your kind words. I must say I'm really impressed with your children's work. I love their notebook pages. I hope to someday add something like that into our school days.


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