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Week 7

Week 6. Sept. 17th-21st. 2011

Another great week (not to say it didn't have its challenges).

Joshua 8th Grade:
  • Bible-completed days 26-30.
  • Latin-finished chapter 4.
  • Math-Systematic Math is a good fit for Josh. He is progressing well. He completed lesson 16-18 and took a quiz. Some of the lessons include two worksheets and others include only 1.
  • History-he completed days 18-22. He is really loving his history course. I see him taking notes, rewriting them and summarizing lessons. Last night he talked his dad's ear off with what he is learning.
  • Grammar-Analytical Grammar, is also going well. I forgot to mention last week that one of his lessons he only missed 1 from a whole page. I put a big star on that one. This week he started Unit 2 but didn't finish it.
  • Science-he completed days 13-16.
  • Writing-Paragraph Writing Book 1, he started this week. It starts off pretty simple. This week he had to write a paragraph explaining hot to get a drink of water. The point was for him to write in steps. First, next, then and finally. He had to act as if he was writing this for a person in the past, long ago when there were no sinks, faucets ect.  Before starting he had to write a paragraph and we went over a check list. The checklist had things like did he indent his paragraph, was the title centered, did he use capitals correctly for the title and so forth. He did pretty good except for his title. He said, he doesn't care for the titled to be centered. I think that's part of his little rebellious nature. Wanting to do things his way (like the upside down 'j' when he was 5)
  • Spelling-Sequential Spelling, he completed lessons 12-15.
  • Copywork-he copied two passages this week. This is one subject that he calls fun. He really enjoys copywork.
  • Cursive practice, he does a little bit each day using an inexpensive penmanship book.
Annette 6th Grade:
  • WinterPromise Language Arts-she completed week 7.
  • Analytical Grammar-completed Unit 6.
  • Math-U-See-Epsilon, she completed chapter 8. She had a little trouble at first but now understands.
  • Writing with Ease-finished week 14. She has creative writing assignments from WinterPromise, but I like how Writing with Ease has narration, dictation and prepares for outlining later. It doesn't take too much time but will admit some days I double up.
  • Copywork-she copied three passages from Verses from the Bible by Queen Homeschool.
  • History-America the Beautiful, she completed lessons 24-26.
  • Bible-she didn't work too much with her Romans study this week. She focused more on AWANA verses.
  • Science-A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie, she is learning about flies.
  • Latin-completed chapter 4. she is doing so well with this.
Caleb 5th Grade;
  • Bible-AWANA and Tracking Your Walk, he didn't write in his Tracking Your Walk journal too much this week. It was so cold that I was waking late and didn't read from our reader =( he did work on his AWANA verses.
  • Copywork-Copywork for Little Boys, he copied three passages this week. He really enjoys these passages and will repeat them later or remind his brothers how they should act.
  • Cursive-Classically Cursive 2, he does this daily and completed pgs. 24-28.
  • Spelling Dictation, passage 7 (I still need to dictate this to him and Brent).
  • MCP Plaid Phonics-completed pgs. 105-106.
  • Writing With Ease-completed week 17.
  • Shurley Grammar-completed 4 lessons.
  • All About Spelling-finished level 1 and ordered level 2 today!
  • Latin-finished chapter 4.
  • History-Hideaway in History completed two days.
  • Science-no science this week.
Brent 4th Grade:
Math-U-See Gamma, completed two days of math. He was having trouble with a lesson and sad to say, I kept forgetting, so he would go a day without doing any math.
Brent's week looks the same as Caleb's all except for math. Please see above.

Ethan 3rd Grade:
I didn't keep track with all that he did this week. Normally I write everything down but this week I didn't. He did complete All About Spelling daily, Time4Learning Phonics and math, Bible, did a little Latin {not much}, practiced reading from his Delightful Reading book, completed week 9 of Writing With Ease, and did two pages of MCP Math.

Lance 1st Grade:
Like with Ethan, I didn't write in my planner this week. He did practice and review lessons from PAL/Reading and started lesson 8. He doesn't care for PAL/Reading too much. He says it's too hard. I am actually thinking of using All About Reading. I'm wondering if the scope and sequence of All About Reading would fit him better. I do hate to switch but we'll see.
He completed lesson 23 of PAL/Writing. He had to copy words today. He still has trouble with writing but I'm going to have him start this anyway. Maybe it will help, even if it's just a few words a day.
Math, he completed four lessons but we did those yesterday and today.
He did a little Latin and completed another week of Writing with Ease (minus the copywork).

Now for some pictures.
This is how I found the children today at 8:15!!!
Josh and Caleb.
 Lance and Brent. See the hat? That is Brent. He went to bed with his winter hat because its been cold.

 Latin time.
 This is a page from last week. When we are introduced to new words and I want to remember how to say it without the cd, I mark them sounds that I know. For instance the Latin word 'sum' I put 'oo' over it to help me remember it is pronounced 'soom' like zoom. Eventually I don't need the help.
 Caleb is dressed but he wears his robe still until the house warms up. After the 100 degrees weather this past summer anything under 60 is cold to us.

Here is Lance, working hard with adding.

After practicing his addition I read a story about Charlie and Charlotte learning the days of the week. Lance, practiced the days and then did a lesson.
 Next week I'm suppose to have Lance make some addition card using stories like the ones shown below. I really don't want to do that. I know it's going to take forever, so instead I'll use Addition the Fun Way! I'll have him copy some of the addition numbers instead of us trying to come up with them ourselves. I know it sounds awful for me not to want to do this but I know it's going to take forever and I don't have that kind of time. Bad mama!
 I'm showing Lance an All About Spelling card and he is saying the sound.
 He wanted to take a picture of me. I don't even have lipstick on!!!!
 Lance was able to check a few more letters off. I used a pink pen to check them off. I added the date but did this after I took the picture.
Ethan, found a branch or twig that looked like antlers.
 Spelling words from All About Spelling.
Ethan, was able to put a yellow (his favorite color) on some more phonograms.
Here is a picture of his chart on the first day with starting AAS on Oct. 5th, 2011.
Joshua, studying hard.
 For history he played a game similar to Jeopardy. The teacher gave an answer and he had to say what the question was "What was......" He doesn't want to be in the picture (growing up).
Yes, it's the same shirt she wore yesterday. I keep telling the children to not wear (um sleep) in their same clothes because I take pictures daily!

Only 29 weeks to go!


  1. All I can say is you are one busy lady! Looks like you all accomplished a lot this week. I love the pics too! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. You are so beautiful, mama...even without lipstick! I love the phonogram chart...I might make something like that for Mr. Fix-It. He would like filling them in, I think!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award.


  4. Wow you are one busy mama, how do you keep it all together? I love that your little one likes to take pictures of you.


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