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Week 8/Day 39

Week 8. Sept. 24th-28th. 2011.

This week were a few interruptions this week. Wednesday some of the children went to Oklahoma with Lupe to pick up our new vehicle, then Friday, we were going to my Sweets work for trick-or-treating. The children look forward to this every year. We don't go trick-or-treating through the neighborhood so this is a real treat for them. Anyway, because excitement was in the air it was hard to stay on track.

Ethan lost a tooth. 
I'm still up in the air about history for the youngers. We are using Hideaways in History but I want maps. Something like SOTW's activity pages. The notebooking pages are okay but I prefer something with less drawing and more coloring and labeling of maps. By labeling I mean using a blue crayon or color pencil to trace the Nile River or put a triangle where Egypt is and such. So I'm looking into purchasing some maps or a fun geography course. I've been poking around at Knowledge Quest.
Ethan, started MCP Math last week. He is suppose to be using Teaching Textbooks 3 but I lost it. Ack! Embarrassing!
Annette, continues to use America the Beautiful from Notgrass. Here she is completing a history assignment.
 Simply Spelling dictation.
 Covering the map so they won't be tempted to peek while filling in the blank map below.

 Annette, leaving for her sewing class at the church. She is dressed as a cowgirl because after my dad and I will pick her up to go trick-or-treating at Lupe's work.
 Ethan in his costume. He wore it all day.
 The new addition to Homeschooling6
I'll have to come back later to finish this post.

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  1. Wow Linda that is a nice BIG car. And I like the color too.

    Tell Annette she looked great as a cowgirl :) Can't wait to see all the other kids in their costumes...and the picture of Ethan, what was he suppose to be?

    Miss you all and thank you for writing about you, Lupe, Dad, and the kids. I love to visit you via the blog! :)


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