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Ethan, did some math today. Again, I took out our base ten blocks and went over adding up to the thousands. He has caught on rather quickly. We'll finish the rest of the week with adding, then move onto subtraction. I'll introduce subtraction with Math Mammoth than have him do his MCP Math. Not sure why I'm doing it this way but I am.

Ethan also did lots of laundry today. He washed about three loads yesterday and another four loads today. Brent and Caleb folded them.
 The shirt he is wearing use to be Caleb's.
I didn't take any pictures of our school day today other than Ethan doing the laundry. I spent a good 40 minutes with Annette. The diagramming in Analytical Grammar is becoming more difficult for her. We sat down and we worked them out together using the whiteboard. We enjoyed our time. It was fun and Annette, is actually pretty good with diagramming. She looks at the sentence, ask questions and if needed will refer to her diagramming  map/sheet that is included. She cracks me but, she was telling me that she sometimes diagrams her sentences when she talks. When she is reading she finds herself diagramming.

I also sat with Caleb for a bit to go over his math. He is doing well but needed to be walked through some fraction word problems.

The four older children and I started another chapter in Latin (Ch-7). Latin is coming along. There is a lot to memorize. Josh and Annette are doing fine. Caleb and Brent are barely keeping up. I too am barely staying afloat. I only have so much wall space to place the Latin words. This has really helped though. I am putting Latin words in my sentences now. For instance when making dinner I'll say,  "Sto parare cena/cenae" which means 'I stand to prepare dinner' or I'll tell Lupe on his way out, "Don't forget to say buy to your filia" which means daughter.

I also made a few batches of Chocolate Chip cookies. Two kinds. One has oatmeal and Grap Nuts cereal. The other is the original Chocolate Chip cookies. The children will take them to AWANA. It's cookie night.

For nap time today, I let the children watch The Incrediables and eat cookies.

Lance, had to wear his shoes around his neck again. I found them on the living room floor.

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  1. Life skills! I love the idea of wearing the shoes around the neck.....I may need to try that!


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