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Day 41

It's back to normal. The costumes will be packed away at least for a little while as the children like to use them for plays and such.
There is still a lot of candy floating around. This is after they took out the chewy and hard candies. They also gave about a half of a grocery bag away too!
 They are allowed three pieces a day! Yikes!
Caleb and Brent making words using All About Spelling.

They completed Step 4.
Lance helping with the laundry.

I'm happy to report that we did another lesson from our Hideaways in History program. We are on week 4, day 2. Today we read about The Assyrians and Babylonians from the WinterPromise Exclusive reader. To learn more about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon we went to the recommended website. Tomorrow we will read about The Medes and Persians. Josh commented on our history program saying we have a fun one.
I am going to make an extra effort to start using the online resources that WP provides. The WP Exclusive reader is good but seeing some of what we read really helps. This is why I like the picture books that are suggested but not included "You Wouldn't Want to be....." series.
The current picture book read that is included in the package is Cleopatra's Coin.
Now if I can get science going.

This year the children are also memorizing the presidents in order.  I'm not adding a whole lot to this. No notebooking, coloring pages etc. We are just learning the names and I'll read a little about the president from the back of the card.
I did dig out some of my My Father's World State Sheets as well. Next week the four younger ones will start coloring and memorizing them too.

For Bible, I'm adding a few crafty stuff. Tomorrow we will make a Bible Wheel. I would like to purchase Pop Up Parables and Other Bible Stories, Cut and Tell Bible Stories and Bible Stories to Draw and Tell. I thought this would be a fun way to teach the Bible to the four younger children. I'm sure Caleb and Brent are a bit old but that's okay. Next year I hope to start How to Study Your Bible by Kay Arthur.

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  1. Looks like they hit the motherload of candy :) How are you liking Winter Promise? I've often been tempted by it, but I always here negative things about their customer service. But it looks like sooo much fun. I really want to try their CAW program and mix it together with MFW's ECC.
    How do you like the BJU distance learning? Do you find it hard to keep up with or is it hard to stay involved with his learning? The idea of freeing up time is a HUGE selling point for me ;)


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