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Day 42

I had to force myself to get school done today. I had finished listening to Ethan, read his reader on the couch. When he left I laid my head on the sofa arm and closed my eyes. I so wanted to just curl up and take a nap, but I made myself open my eyes and get up. I had to do a Writing with Ease lesson with Annette.

What I did today:
  • All About Spelling with Lance. I dictated about ten letter sounds and five words. Lance, was able to mark three more letters off. Things weren't working out (can't wait for All About Reading to arrive) so I stopped and had him do penmanship using Writing Without Tears.
  • Math for a Living Education from Queen Homeschool. I read the story to Lance, practiced the days of the week and had him copy the numbers 20-29.
  • All About Spelling with Ethan.
  • MCP Math with Ethan, have to add in math with Ethan because I lost our Teaching Textbook program. He started the 2nd chapter and is working with money and place value.
  • Writing with Ease with Annette, she read a passage from The Lemonade Trick, answered questions and summarized. Because we missed yesterday's lessons I also did the dictation exercise. Some of the passages are long and it frustrates her. I encourage her and tell her this is no easy task.
  • Writing with Ease with Caleb and Brent. They are on week 18. Yahoo! Half way through. I read the passage, asked the question, had Caleb summarize it as I wrote it on the board and had both boys copy it.
  • Shurley English with Caleb and Brent. They are doing so well with this program. Like I've said before, it's not the funnest but it's working and the boys don't complain. Even if they did it would still have to get done. Today, we completed chapter 7 lesson 3. The boys were introduced to Object Pronouns. They are now labeling subject nouns, articles, adjectives, prepositions, object of the prepositions, subject pronouns, and verbs. Tomorrow they have a test.
  • Fast Track Phonics with Ethan. I went over the the double 'ee', the silent e rule and the long 'y' sound. I then gave him his worksheets. He did two pages of Explode the Code 3, 1 pgs from his word family book and a mini reader.
  • Hideaway in History with Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance. I read about the Persians and Medes. Hopefully tomorrow I can have the children work on the notebooking pages. Still haven't found any maps. I hope to purchase some this weekend and add them in.
  • Briefly went over the first five presidents.
  • Latin with Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent. Finished a workbook page and practiced all the Latin words introduced so far.
The children did their independent work as well.

Here is how we look in the morning.
I didn't see Lance, in his bed, so I looked around the house and couldn't find him. Then I entered the kitchen and there he was. He had made a bed with the chairs.
 Awe, look at that face.
 Brent, hiding behind the milk jug.
 Josh and Annette.

 This picture came out dark for some reason. The children doing Latin.
 Lance practiced the letter R.
 I crossed out the two K's because I wrote them. I also wrote the alphabet at the top. I do this for every lesson. The rest of the writing is Lance's.
 Lance wanted to connect the letters like mom does sometimes. Maybe it's time to look into a cursive workbook for him.
 Brent, trying to escape getting his picture taken by Lance.
 Ethan's MCP Math page.
 Brent and Caleb labeling their Shurley English sentences.
That's another day at Homeschooling6!


  1. Linda, you are working so hard...you deserve a little nap. Take it when you need it. I've been giving myself permission to rest and stop when I need to. I am starting to feel so much better!

    When you get some time, could you drop me a little note and let me know how Shurley English is set up. I may give it a year's try after Winston, and then return to Winston later on again because we love it so much. I like that Shurley builds on the teaching, very similar to Winston.


  2. Looks pretty productive to me! I say have a dedicated nap time today- you all deserve it :)


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